Trying Out Mr. Ube Special Noodles and Special Noodle Sauce

Trying Out Mr. Ube Special Noodles and Special Noodle Sauce

It was just one usual day when I was buying my favorite Pineapple Hopia at Eng bee Tin in Victory Mall when I chanced upon what seemed like noodles but is purple in color inside the store chiller. I asked the staff what it was and I was told that it was a special fresh ube {purple yam} noodles.

Hmmmnn…. my curiosity went up four notches.

“So, how do you cook it?” I asked the staff thinking that it must be cooked just like the usual pancit canton. The staff confirmed that it was indeed cooked that way but there’s this special sauce that is meant for the noodles.

Now, my curiousity went up another four notches…

Knowing how delicious Eng Bee Tin products are…I was pretty sure that these will yield a sumptuous result.

Trying Out Mr. Ube Special Noodles and Special Noodle Sauce

So I bought a pack of the Special Ube Noodles and a pack of the canton noodles for ₱48 each and a bottle of the Special Noodle Sauce for around ₱80, then I dropped by at the grocery and purchased some snowpeas and pork.

Get the Mr Ube Noodle Sauce Here:

The instruction written on the sticker in front of the noodle pack says to cook the noodles in boiling water for around 2½ minutes, drain, and then set aside while you make the sauce. I mixed the ube noodles with the canton noodles, after all, I don’t want a purple blob on my plate.

Here’s what I did after boiling the noodles….

The Ingredients I used:

5 tbsp cooking oil
1 large onion, chopped
200g pork belly, cut into bite size pieces
1½ cup snow peas, cleaned
¾ cup water
half the bottle of the special noodle sauce


  • Fry pork belly in oil until brown. Set aside.
  • Remove excess oil from pan, then sauté onion until translucent.
  • Add pork, noodles, snow peas, sauce and water.
  • Mix well until sauce is distributed evenly and water is absorbed by the noodles.
  • By this time, snow peas are also cooked just right.

Surprisingly, everyone in my family loved it specially my mom, who is a picky eater.

I love the starchy, chewy characteristic of the noodles and the garlicky, sweet and spicy flavor of the sauce. The smell is very much like the chili oil they used in siomai but better.

It’s something new to try and you can customize the ingredients based on your favorites. You can put shrimps, chicken or beef and you can add different vegetables like carrots, chayote and cabbage.

Get the Mr Ube Noodle Sauce Here:

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10 Responses

  1. Did you mix the canton and the ube noodles together? And come on, posting a photo with succulent pork fat will definitely earn raves! This is the first time I’ve heard and seen ube noodles as well so this definitely something to try. 

  2. Looks yummy, as always. I have yet to try Mr. Ube special noodles and noodle sauce. 🙂

  3. Looks fantastic, if this shop were near me, I’d be buying these noodles and sauce as well!

  4. Paborito ko rin ang Eng Bee Tin! Laking EBT ako kasi ang mama ko ay sa Ongpin nagwowork kaya lagi kami may pasalubong na hopia at siopao hehehe.

  5. My first introduction to ube was through Wok With Ray when he made ice cream! Now I’m seeing it in noodles. What a versatile potato!  Love the color and the simplicity of your pasta dish. Gotta love anything with pork belly!

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