Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day 2013 |

Christmas Day 2013 |

We always celebrate Christmas Day with a family reunion. It’s nice to see relatives and families you haven’t seen for the longest time and it’s also nice to see them dressed in the exact same color you’re wearing. So every Christmas, we always have a theme and we don’t repeat the color the next year.

We wore Green in Christmas 2010, Red in Christmas 2011, and Blue in Christmas 2012. This year we were wearing FUCHSIA! Christmas Day 2013 is Fuchsia! I know, I know… seems like an odd color for Christmas but hey, whatever color gets the most votes, right???

Unlike last year where sis and I insisted on a Filipiniana Theme for Christmas Day lunch, this year’s lunch didn’t have one. It was simply pot luck and bring the most delicious dish you can think of. I think most people brought food they were craving for..haha..

Check out what we had..

Christmas Day 2013 |

Pata Hamonado

Fried Chicken Lollipop

Christmas Day 2013 |

Orange Chicken Wings

Roasted Vegetables Pasta

Crab and Shrimp in Oyster Sauce

Christmas Day 2013 |

Here they are, having our California Maki straight from the Bilao! LOL!

Christmas Day 2013 |

Tita Becka’s version of Japchae

Christmas Day 2013 |

Pork Barbecue – this is everyone’s fave!

Our drink was Raspberry Limeade

This bilao of California Maki was ordered from Gryn Wasabi and they delivered it on Christmas Day!

I ddn’t know what this is supposed to be but it’s a failed Crown Ribs..


Christmas Chocolate-covered Polvoron and Brownies

Chocolate Cups courtesy of Sis’s friend, Guadalupe

Ovomaltine Cupcakes

Pastries brought by nieces, Shanelle and Anne.

Merry Christmas!!

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