Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground
Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground
Ykaie and Cyra, excited to go to the Shadow Playground

Growing up, I had fond memories of going home sweaty, dirty, and happy from playing outside. My favorite games includes habulan-taya, patintero, piko, and luksong tinik. I also have memories of my mother scolding me, her dialogue would usually include “amoy araw ka na namang bata ka!” or “naku, kainitan ng araw, labas ka ng labas. Sa hapon ka na dapat lumalabas pag wala ng araw!”

She didn’t have any idea how fun playing under the sun is but I also forgot all about that as I grew up from child to adult. No, I didn’t forget how happy it was to play outside. I’ve always been a believer in the power of playing as one of the most important factors that molds a child. Di Lang Laro Ang Laro, it teaches them balance, strategy, analogy, concentration, coordination and teamwork — all while having the time of their lives.  But when I became a mom, I would always tell Ykaie to play outside only when the sun has gone down.

The unveiling of Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground last March 29, 2014 reminded me how fun it is for a child to play under the sun and that I shouldn’t worry too much.

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground was build with the children’s natural fascination for shadows in mind and how this enables them to think creatively while enjoying playing under the sun, Johnson’s Baby found a way to integrate all of these in the building of the Shadow Playground.

We are excited to officially unveil our play innovation found in the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground – a first-of-its-kind play platform that allows moms to forge a stronger play partnership with their kids,” shared Johnson’s Baby Senior Brand Manager Kris Llanes.

The 100-square meter Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground is unlike any other playground in the world because key to enjoying it is a natural phenomenon – the rays of the sun.

Children have a natural fascination for shadows. Shadows behave in a unique way, as if they have a life of their own. They could help children understand the world around them and even themselves. But because children play outdoors less these days, they sometimes miss out on exploring this phenomenon. So we designed the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground to help create these important moments of discovery,” shared Cristina Tin Sanchez, Executive Creative Director of BBDO Guerrero.

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

Childhood icon Bodjie Pascua/Kuya Bodjie and popular celebrity mom Camille Prats led us in the games at the shadow playground.

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

I love this wacky shot of Kuya Bodjie with the Juinor Whiplash Dancers.

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

The Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground was built by Johnson’s Baby to encourage children to play outdoors and discover the world around them through the wonders of shadows.  It is unique because it makes use of the sun to cast shadow games where children can play. And as the sun moves, the games change.

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

The Playground consists of 9 plates which are 6 feet in diameter. The shadow will approximately measure 6-8 feet, depending on the time of day. These plates are templates for new and old games that help teach children skills for their development.

This is the Snakes and Ladders plate.

Snakes and Ladders” teaches children teamwork. The child will stand on the “start box” while keeping his eyes closed. He will need to follow mom’s voice as she instructs him to jump long or short. They will need to aim for the ladders and not the snakes! First pair to reach the end wins!

Playing Under the Sun at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground

The other plates are:

  • Maze” which teaches children strategy. Mom will stand at the center of the maze and her child will need to find his way to mom by avoiding the blocked paths. The first child to reach and hug mom wins!
  • Flamingo” which teaches children balance. Mom and child will need to balance only one foot and hold on to each other for support. The pair that balances the longest will win.
  • Froggy Jump” which teaches children concentration. Mom will jump on odd-numbered leaves while child jumps on even-numbered leaves. The pair who jumps without stepping out of the leaves and finishes with the fastest time wins!
  • Piko” which teaches children coordination. Mom and child will use a stone or coin as a marker. They will throw this to land on the squares, without touching the lines. Then, they will hop on one foot through the single square and land on both feet on double squares – fastest pair to finish wins!

First things first before playing at the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground is, of course, to put Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Powder on the children’s backs and chests. There were ladies who go around the playground carrying Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Powder and encouraging the kids — and us mommies too — to put it on.

Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh is a true innovation in powder and bath. The new Active Fresh Technology has sweat-activated fragrance, releasing a pleasant long-lasting smell when it comes into contact with sweat. Moms no longer need to worry about their child sweating all day and malodor kicking in. Kids will smell and feel fresh even after playing all day under the sun. Habang mas pinapawisan, mas bumabango sila!

What the Active Fresh Technology does:

  • Masks malodor and leaves it odorless
  • Releases a long lasting fragrance
  • Special feature of Active Fresh Powder: It contains the first-ever sweat-activated fragrance capsules that burst upon contact with sweat!

Check Out Johnson’s TVC here.

Kuya Bodjie assisted me and Ykaie in playing the Maze. I stood at the center of the maze and Ykaie had to find her way to me avoiding the paths that are blocked. She wins a  hug from me at the center!

Ykaie and Cyra also played with all of the games at the Shadow Playground. Their favorite was Piko. It’s actually one of their favorite games to play with their neighbor playmates at home. It’s their first time to see it in shadows, though. Usually, they just draw it in the ground with chalks.

They also loved playing with the different Mazes.

They wish there were swings, though. For more fun outside see Kokopax’s Reviews and read their baby swings info.

Johnson’s provided refreshments for everyone like cold water, ice cream, and cold towel. It was such an enjoyable hot afternoon for Ykaie, Cyra, and me! It reminded me of my own childhood and that nothing — even the hot rays of the sun— should stop me from having a fun bonding moment with my daughter and my niece.

Mommies, the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground is located at the Market! Market! Playzone, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and is open to the public within mall hours. The playground is designed for kids 3-7 years old. I’m sure your kids would also love to experience playing in this one-of-a-kind playground. Have a  fun bonding moment with them, it’s gonna be there until the end of April only so you have to hurry.

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65 Responses

  1. Oh how lucky these kids are as they get to experience playing under the sun. What’s important is to keep the skin protected.

  2. The very fun way to enjoy this summer for kids. Playing really play a big role for children’s growth.

  3. It truly is a one of a kind playground! I like the shadow idea, looks really cool. My daughter will love this

  4. That is something that kids in the city nowadays don’t get to do as much. In a way parents are paranoid about safety too..But I am so happy Johnson’s is bringing it back

  5. You’re so lucky to have had that kind of childhood, I was such a girly girl that I really didn’t like to play outside because I didn’t like to sweat and was crazy afraid to get wounded. 😛 So I mostly stayed indoors and read books or played video games. 😛 Which is why I don’t mind when my kids play outside, I want them to have a childhood that I didn’t have. 😛

    It sure looks like you guys had lots of fun, wish there were events like that here too. 🙂

  6. Believe it or not, we use the same powder on our faces and not the makeup powder even when we’re now adults. 🙂

    1. It is a super fun event ! The kids really enjoyed it and us mommies weren’t worried about how they would smell or how sweaty they will become afterwards.

  7. Oh my goodness! How fun this is. Awe! What a fun and so unique type of playground. And wait a minute, si Camille Prats ba yan? Awe! I sure miss Philippines now. And yes, I do believe in letting kids play and explore outside because it is part of growing up and learning about their world. I grew up playing outside a lot with friends and I still remember how fun it was. This is a great event! Thanks for sharing!

  8. wow such a fun event to go with your kids! my daughter rarely play under the sun we in a smaller type of condo her in malaysia. unlike the ones in singapore that she has time and lots of place to play outside

  9. We cannot deny the fact that a mother cannot restrain herself to be overprotective for her children.. even for the skin.. but thanks to the new innovation of johnsons baby active fresh shadow.. kids can have the freedom to play even under the sun.

  10. I missed using that baby powder 🙁 Growing up that is the only product I used on my face 🙂 It is the best product for me 🙂 Purple looks like having a blast with her cousin 🙂 She is getting so big and so bubbly 🙂

  11. Wow! The place looks amazing. The people who thought of it are really smart. I especially love the piko . Kinda a bummer I didn’t RSVP to this event.

  12. I love those little shaded area with all the mazes!!! Cool idea! haha! I’m thinking of making my own for my future kids! 🙂

  13. That is great! I hope I could bring the kids out there and try that Active Fresh Shadow Playground too but we are in Mindanao. I hope they could build someone like that in Cagayan de oro or in Davao City…

  14. Johnson’s Baby powder is for kids and grown up . I’m using it since I was a kid and until now I’m using it on my face and on my body specially when the weather is hot.

  15. Great shadow display by Johnson’s. One of the things kids today forget is the simple joy of playing outdoors because they are too engaged with techie stuff. I use Johnson’s products for my kids. From bath to powder, I love the varieties they have. I will try active fresh soon too!

  16. I’m back here again coz I just remembered that I have to buy powder for Little MrC and I couldn’t remember what it was called. Active Fresh pala hehehe!

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