Russell Hobbs and Chef JP Anglo Cooks Easy, Comforting Recipes

Would you say that the food you eat depends on whatever your mood is at a particular time? I think that goes with everyone. Our mood affect our food choices. An example of this is when we’re feeling a little blue, out tendency is to eat sugary food like cookies and ice cream to cheer us up.

This is called the Mood-Food Relationship and this refers to how a person’s mood and the food they eat are related.

This is what inspired Russell Hobbs to create a coffee table book with recipes that can easily be turned into comforting meals using Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances. And this coffee table book is in collaboration with Chef JP Anglo.

Last Wednesday, I was very fortunate to get a sneak peek on what’s instore for us with this coffee table book.  But before we go into the recipe details, let’s meet the chef and the kitchen appliances behind the coffee table book.

Meet Chef JP Anglo

Russell Hobbs and Chef JP Anglo Cooks Easy, Comforting Recipes

Chef JP Anglo owns several restaurants and is one of the judges at the Masterchef Pinoy Edition.

It was my first time to meet him but I’ve read a lot of good things about his restaurant at The Forum in BGC called SARSA, wherein he serves modern Negrense Cusine. It was 2 pm when I arrived there but I found the restaurant still bustling with guests.

Russell Hobbs and Chef JP Anglo Cooks Easy, Comforting Recipes

I found out a little later why. The food is great. He found  a way to reinvent those dishes you thought you already knew. I was still full at the time but gladly sampled some of the dishes on the menu like the Piaya Ice Cream which comes in thee flavors: Queso, Ube, and Vanilla…

Russell Hobbs and Chef JP Anglo Cooks Easy, Comforting Recipes

…. Crispy Buko Pie with Pandan Sauce and Pritchon Pancake…

Russell Hobbs and Chef JP Anglo Cooks Easy, Comforting Recipes

…Lechon Manok Pancit Canton and Sizzling Kansi.

I promised myself I’m gonna be back there with my family to try out the other dishes on the menu like the Sinigang na Fried Chicken.

Meet Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs is UK’s leading brand of sleek and efficient small kitchen appliances which just recently became available in the Philippines. It is of high quality, stylish, and functional designed to fit the lifestyle of today’s young professionals and start-up families.

It was founded in Great Britain in 1952 by Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. Russell Hobbs has been a household name in UK for more than 60 years. The brand is the first in the world to introduce the coffee pot with an automatic keep warm feature and the automatic electric kettle that revolutionized the kettle market.


The exclusive distributor of Russel Hobbs in the Philippines is Tocoms Philippines. According to Clarence Cu,
president of Tocoms Philippines, “We are pleased to bring to the country one of UK’s leading brands of small kitchen appliances known for its timeless style and performance. With this, we strongly believe that Russell Hobbs will be at the heart of Filipino homes from now on,

With its range of premium small kitchen appliances that offer powerful and stylish solutions to everyday kitchen needs, Russell Hobbs is the perfect partner for life-starters who aim to make homes out of houses. For more details and updates, follow Russell Hobbs Philippines at

Chef Jayps’ Cooking Demo Using Russell Hobbs Kitchen Appliances

Chef Jayps’ first recipe is the Sweet Potato Chips with Chocolate Dip. The Sweet Potato Chips was cooked using Russell Hobbs Purifry Health Fryer which uses minimal oil in cooking.

The sweet potato was sliced thinly with a peeler, seasoned with salt and pepper then drizzled with olive oil. After that it was cooked in the health fryer for a few minutes. The result is perfectly crispy sweet potato chips that’s free of preservatives!

It was served with a chocolate dipping sauce perfect for appetizer or snack.

The next recipe is the Longganisa- Cheese Panini where in Chef Jayps used the Russell Hobbs Panini Maker which I so want to have! The Longganisa was first grilled using the panini maker before stuffing it in between slices of bread with cheese, butter, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Then, it was grilled using the panini maker….melting the cheese and toasting the sandwich.

It was later served with some of the Sweet Potato Chips made earlier. Sounds easy to make, right? And it looks very appetizing too!

The third recipe is this Roasted Red Bell Pepper Spread/Dip which was made using the Russell Hobbs Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender. It is light and easy to use, Chef Jayps recipe included roasted red belle pepper, roasted garlic, cheeses, and aioli. It was pureed and mixed together and transferred to a small bowl.

Voilà! It’s perfect when served with buttered toast and a lemon wedge.

It was really hot at the Sarsa Kitchen, what better way to end the cooking demo than with smoothie blended in the Russell Hobbs Illumina Jug Blender. What I love about this blender is that it is not noisy when blending and it has a suction at the base preventing it from sliding or toppling over.

Chef Jayps made this Strawberry and Banana Smoothie for everyone to enjoy!

All the recipes shared were easy to do and they are comforting meals indeed.

I am excited to check out a copy of this new coffee table book from Russell Hobbs and Chef JP Anglo!

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