Starbucks Roasted Marshmallow S’mores Frappuccino and Other Summer Offerings


I’ve been waiting all my life for this to happen. And now, I think the Frappuccino gods finally heard my calls… Starting tomorrow, Starbucks is gonna be serving this Roasted Marshmallow S’mores! S’mores is one of my favorite flavors in this world — add it to my frappuccino — I’ll be in heaven.

The Roasted Marshmallow S’mores Frappuccino (Tall–₱180 Grande-₱190 Venti–₱200) has that distinct taste of roasted marshmallows sandwiched with chocolate between graham crackers.

Finally, it’s Summer at Starbucks.

Aside from the S’mores Frappuccino, there’s a returning Summer favorite: SUMMER BERRY PANNA COTTA  FRAPPUCCINO (Tall–₱180 Grande-₱190 Venti–₱200) The Summer Berry Panna Cotta combines Panna Cotta with different types of berries to create a beautifully layered Frappuccino® Blended Beverage and topped with whipped cream and a tart berry drizzle. This is my favorite from last Summer.

New Sweet and Savory Food Items

CHICKEN FAJITA ON MULTI-GRAIN BREAD (₱180) – Grilled chicken breast fillet, bell peppers, onions and avocado spread layered on soft and sweet multi-grain bread.

JALAPEÑO CHEESE PUFF (₱95) – A buttery and flaky crust with creamy jalapeño cheese filling.

CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP (₱165) – A tortilla filled with chicken breast fillet and bacon drizzled Caesar dressing.

MANGO COCONUT LOAF (₱60 (slice)|₱550 (whole)) – A dense and moist creamy loaf cake with chopped mangoes and dried coconuts.

STRAWBERRY CREAM CAKE (₱ 130 (slice)|₱1,350 (whole)) – A light and moist sponge cake layered with creamy strawberry cream with chopped dried strawberries, crunchy vanilla meringue layer then smothered with vanilla cream frosting with strawberry bits.

CHOCOLATE SUGAR COOKIE (₱50) – Chocolate flavored buttery cookie decorated with a sailboat sugar icing.

Starbucks Card


Good things come in small packages. Now you can take your favorite Frappuccino® Blended Beverage anywhere with this fun-sized companion. (This is a barcoded Starbucks Card)

Available for an initial consumable load amount of 1,000.

Purchase limit of two (2) activated Frappuccino® Cards per customer per day


This Starbucks Card represents a time for fun at the beach, wearing flip-flops, and breaking out the shorts and tank tops.

Available for an initial consumable load amount of 300.

Purchase limit of two (2) activated Summer Beach Cards per customer per day


Catch and pocket the perfect wave this summer with the Wave Mini Card.

Available for an initial consumable load amount of 500.

Purchase limit of two (2) activated Wave Mini Cards per customer per day

Thank you so much for my Summer treats!

To further provide a cool little haven from the scorching heat, Starbucks Philippines will also have a series of Meet Me at Starbucks for a Summer Frappuccino® Party from April 26 to May 31 where you can enjoy live summer music, a One For You, One To Share (Buy One, Get One) promo on the Roasted Marshmallow S ‘mores Frappuccino® blended beverage, 10% off on summer mugs and tumblers and other exciting treats.

Check out the Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook page ( for more details.

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42 Responses

  1. I don’t normally drink coffee but I really like Starbucks frappuccinos. I want to try the S’mores one for sure.

  2. Holy YUM! I love all those things! I love Starbucks to begin with, and now they have those new blended drinks… I can’t wait to try them!

  3. I am not a big coffee drinker her but I like Smore’s not much that I would consider drinking that. It looks delicious and I have a Starbucks within walking distance of my house. Maybe I can walk off the calories as I’m drinking it LOL.

  4. Okay, the Mango Coconut loaf has my full attention now. Excuse me while I rush out to the nearest Starbuck’s for some of that. Yum!

  5. Wow, these look good. “MANGO COCONUT LOAF” are you kidding me. I have to try that. Hope my local Starbucks carries it. Sounds amazing.

  6. Yum. These look amazing. I wish I went to starbucks more. I don’t think I’ve been in over a year! I will have to stop in and see what I can find!

  7. Those look so amazing, I try something different every time I go to Starbucks which is often. I think this is a great offer for those that live in the Phillipians.

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