The Best BEEF PARES I’ve ever tasted

When I ran out of photopaper yesterday I was forced to go out early in the morning to buy some because I had to print pictures for a customer.And since it was also Alvin’s time out of work,we decided to meet up.We finished buying everything that we needed around lunch time.He was craving for Beef Pares.The best Beef Pares in town in located at 9th ave.The name of the restaurant is The Original Mami House.It was just a small place but a lot of people are eating there because of the good tase of food,the affordability and you can tell it’s clean,the way things are set up.


Our orders?:
2 Beef Pares
1 extra rice(which,by the way was peanutbutter♥”s)

Basically,Pares is the Filipino term for pair.Literally this dish is served in pairs,a combination of Beef Stew viand and a bowl of soup,served with rice.

The stew is made with beef cutlets cooked in sweet soy sauce and anise,topped with spring onions.The soup is made by combining a portion of the stew sauce with some pre-cooked soup stock.Rice usually is garlic rice.

Since peanutbutter♥ is really craving for Beef Pares,he was soooo satisfied after.

Hmmmmnn,which makes me think..I want to try cooking Beef Pares.

I found a recipe by Manang Kusinera and by Lakwatsera. Both looks yummy.

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