Kenny Roger’s Hainanese Chicken Rice

hainanese chicken rice{P185/$4.25}

I’ve always loved dining at KR not only because I love their roasted chicken but because I can opt not to have rice and choose any of their delicious side dishes instead.

The other day,I was able to try what’s new on the menu– the Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is a healthy and flavorful alternative to their roasted chicken and numerous side dishes. The plate is composed of a quarter poached chicken, aromatics and flavor-infused hainanese rice served with three kinds of sauces: ginger, chili and dark sweet soy sauce.

I particularly liked the chili and the dark sweet soy sauce. I know I’m gonna be ordering this again real soon.

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3 Responses

  1. so may hainanese chicken na rin sila? with the rising number of singaporean restos like Wee Nam Kee and Bon Chon, they are hoping to partake the market crumbs?  peach, have you tried hainanese chciekn form the restaurants i mentioned?

  2. Hainanese chicken in Kenny Rogers, thats a bit odd knowing they specialize in flame grilled chicken.  Anyways if it taste really good why should I complain 🙂

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