Kani Salad


Kani Sticks (Crab Sticks), shredded
1 Cucumber, cut into strips
1 Carrot, cut into strips
3 ripe mangoes, sliced into strips or you can also dice it if you prefer
Iceberg lettuce
Japanese mayo or Kewpie mayo
Sesame oil
Fish Roe or Nori for garnish (optional)
Wasabi (Optional)


Just mix everything together. You can toss it with the Japanese mayo and a few drops of sesame oil before serving or if you want presentation you can just layer ’em up. Put the Japanese mayo on top and put fish roe or shredded nori as garnish.

♥♥ I don’t have any Kewpie mayo so what I did was I mixed two brands of mayo to have something that tastes almost like it.

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4 Responses

  1. i just realized now that japs really love salads or fresh while chinese loves almost everything cooked with oil.

  2. japanese style ang salad natin ah!my alaga hates crab sticks(T_T)–tunay kayang japanese tong giant baby ko dito?napeke yata ako lol!\(^0^)/Yummy!

  3. looks yummy.. hope i can make one like that for i love crab stick. thanks for sharing the recipe

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