Ykaie’s 2nd Birthday : Dora Garden Party

Sis and I worked really hard for this party because we wanted Ykaie to enjoy a party with her favorite cartoon character– Dora the Explorer. What I posted here were the food we prepared for the party, I posted the other pictures at blowing peachkisses.

The Party Table
Cheesy Spaghetti
This is Spaghetti –Filipino style, made a little sweet by the addition of sweetened banana ketchup in the sauce.
Salami and Cheese Roll-Ups
Instead of the usual sandwich, we thought this was a good alternative. Made with Tortilla, Salami, Mayo, grated cheese and pickle chips.
Bug and Flower Shaped Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
Sis worked hard for two days designing these beautiful cookies. Check out her recipe here: Blog Ni Ako.
Peanutbutter & Jelly Sandwich
Who doesn’t love pb&j? Made this for the kids. We knew they wouldn’t like the roll-ups.
Caramel Apples
Makes this party more garden-y..heehee
Dora and Boots cuppies
Fresh Fruit Skewers
This makes kids eat fruits..
Sausage and Cheese Florets
Made up of a sausage, flower-shaped cheese and raisin.Cute appetizer.
Dirt Cakes
I put this in little terracota pots for single serving..
The birthday dirt cake was in a wheelbarrow…
Pandan Lemonade
I really think this is a great combination and the guests loved it!
Cheese Fountain
To drizzle on chips and salted pretzels, of course and taco beef on the side for toppings.
Candy Bar
We gave the guests some Dora lootbags and let them put their own candy loots in their bag! I can tell they had so much fun.
Not in the picture is mom’s Sweet Chili Meatballs and Rockin’ Barbecue.
Thank you so much for coming to Ykaie’s 2nd Birthday everyone!

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  1. Wow this looked amazing! You nailed the theme so well. Just looking for ideas for my daughters party, thank you thank you.

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