Chicken Mami House

Binondo Mami

If you are craving for really hot Chicken Noodle Soup then this is the place to go. I guess that’s why this place is strategically positioned in front of movie cinemas. So people who came from the dark and cold movie theaters can warm themselves up in tasty noodles soups.

Pork Shiitake MeatBall Siopao & Honeycured Pork Siopao
peanutbutter has been very interested in this restaurant because every time we watch a movie, we see that this little restaurant has lots of customers.So we thought, this restaurant must serve really delicious food.
Lumpiang Shanghai/ Spring Roll [P75/$1.60]
We ordered the Binondo Mami and Siopao Combo for P198 [$4.21] which came with 2 bowl of noodles and 2 pieces of Siopao [above]. Although the spring rolls looks good, I didn’t like it. You might be wondering why we were at the mall today. We bought some things from the department store then we went to the bookstore to buy the latest issue of our favorite comic book and some supplies for our computer shop.
Black Gulaman with Sago/ Grass Jelly Drink with Tapioca [P68/$1.44]
My peanutbutter loves grass jelly.
Lemonade [P68/$1.44]
I should’ve ordered Lemonade from Muscle Beach.
Eventhough we didn’t like some of the food, all in all it was a great dining experience. I think this is my first restaurant review for 2010. We’re looking into some out of town trips this year and of course, looking forward in trying restaurants from out of town as well. I guess I will have to go back to the bookstore to buy some pocket planners so we could properly schedule and organize our trips.

Chicken Mami House
[infront of Cinema 4]
Cinema Lvl. Trinoma,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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