Kimpura Japanese Restaurant

One of the things that I miss when peanutbutter is not around is his love for Japanese Ramen. I don’t really order ramen when we eat at  japanese restos….I’m more of a bento person.

Ykaie loves chicken teriyaki and she wants to learn how to use chopsticks so eating in Japanese restaurants is never an issue.

It was my first time at Kimpura, though. I was with peanutbutter, sis,  and ykaie….we’re going to see a movie. I can’t remember what it was but since we haven’t had dinner yet we decided to eat first before the movie.

When we went in, we were asked if we wanted a teppanyaki table. So there is a table with teppanyaki grill, I thought, that’s very interesting and I want to try it one of these days…

I told the waitress that we wanted only a regular table. We were given the usual complimentary appetizer of fried sweet-salty anchovies and pickled radishes after we were seated. Sis loved the radishes!

I ordered for California Maki, my ultimate favorite!

..and of course a glass of their Iced Tea. I was the only one who ordered iced tea and everyone settled for water.

We also ordered Mixed Tempura to share.

peanutbutter ordered Gomoku Ramen which is a little spicy.. I loved this version of Gomoku ramen!

Kimpura Japanese Restaurant
3rd Level TriNoma Mall, EDSA corner North Avenue
Quezon City

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5 Responses

  1. so are you back? bumalik na kayo sa pinas?

    you can be both a ramen and a bento person. 🙂

    i love a tempura sana but with less breading.

    speaking of japo resto, sakae has an ongoing promo tied up with a groupon voucher. Php1,500++ for a maki-all-you-can, good for 6 pax. i forgot what group buying site is that. i haven’t tried it though.

  2. I remember this restaurant, I use to go here.  Love your posts as it brings a lot of memories!  Can you post something about kowloon’s jumbo pao, I so miss that

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