fruitfroz Italian Gelato

I am a sucker for delicious Gelato.

I have discovered  a new dessert station called Fruitfroz that is selling yummy Gelatos! It was founded by a young individual with the love and passion for desserts and sweets. In the hopes of sharing a new way of eating ice cream to the market, newfound concoctions were developed and an idea for a dessert station was born.

They sell gelatos in different flavors. Gelato in Italian literally means frozen, but is basically used to indicate the Italian type ice cream. The Gelato has an entirely different productive process than the regular ice cream, some of which are:

• Gelato doesn’t contain as much air (referred to as overrun in the industry) as its American counterpart and is, therefore, more intensely flavored than ice cream.
• Gelato is made fresh daily and is a combination of whole milk, sugar and natural flavoring.
• Gelato is less firmly frozen and softer than ice cream (gelato is stored at approximately +7 °F as opposed to ice cream which is stored at -10 °F).
• Gelato is healthier than ice cream since it is made with all natural ingredients and contains less calories and less butter fat (0% to 8% fat, as opposed to 16% to 30% fat in most premium ice cream

We purchased a cup of Hazelnut Gelato for P70[$1.50]. I wasn’t able to take a picture, Ykaie devoured it..LOL!

fruitfroz Italian Gelato
5th Flr, SM The Annex

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