Chicken Relleno by Sweet Success

It is indeed Christmas time when food prepared during special occasions starts arriving at your doorsteps. Last weekend, friends from Sweet Success sent me their all-time bestseller — the Chicken Relleno.

Chicken Relleno is deboned chicken that is stuffed with all things good like ground pork, sausage, ham, carrots, raisins and seasonings that the cook may fancy. It is usually served sliced, warm or cold.

My Chicken Relleno is indeed a holidays special for it arrived in a wooden basket with red and green handle and wrapped in green cellophane.

When you remove the cellophane, you will see the stuffed chicken wrapped in foil. It comes with a small bottle of sauce, which I’m assuming is made partly of the chicken’s drippings as it highly possess it’s flavor. It also comes with an instruction in heating and serving it.

De-boning a chicken is tricky and a bit difficult. If you don’t want to make one, I suggest you order from Sweet Success. You won’t regret it.

Sweet Success’ Chicken Relleno uses a classic recipe that combines chicken with a whole lot of ingredients that guarantees and unforgettable feast. It’s the all time bestseller that is an ideal gift as it comes in a basket. Perfect for the family’s Noche Buena

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