Filipino South Beach Diet Recipes

Sis & I are attempting to do the South Beach Diet again to lose weight. I hope I could stick to this but if not I’m hoping to just eat more SBD-Friendly meals. I know that some of the recipes is not easy to do because the ingredients are not readily available. So I’ve decided to post some Filipino South Beach Diet Recipes as well. I’ll be including them in the label so it can be accessible. The recipes I’ll be posting are already included in the Filipino menu and have ingredients that are readily available in our kitchen so it would be a lot easier to cook plus it’ll be more familiar.I may post some recipes which we are already familiar with but is modified  to fit SBD. You just have to eat it without the rice.

The idea came to me because in the normal Filipino household, it’s hard to be on SBD if you are the only one in it and the other members of the family aren’t. What will happen is you’ll cook two dishes, one for you and one for the family. With work, kids or chores it’ll be hard to cook two dishes, so why not cook normal Filipino dishes the SBD way and let everyone in the family enjoy them. Of course, they would eat rice and you wouldn’t but it’s okay.

So far, I have already posted two recipes: Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet) and Pinaputok na Tiyan ng Bangus [Milkfish Belly].

I’ll be posting more and also some snack ideas..

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