Use Restaurant Supplies and an Expanded Menu to Appeal to More Customers

Did you know that just by what you put on your restaurant’s menu, you could be eliminating what patrons come into your restaurant? There are so many people who have dietary requirements that make going out to eat hard. By providing for these special customers, you’ll be drawing in customers who would otherwise have avoided eating out.


More and more people seem to be diagnosed with having a gluten allergy or a gluten intolerance. Gluten is found mostly in wheat and flour which is in breads, soups, pasta, and more. By providing a gluten-free menu, you’ll be offering patrons the ability to eat out without worrying about having health problems because of it. Not all of your dishes need to be gluten-free. Just single out a few dishes from every category and find a way to provide that dish without gluten. Salads are a great way to do this by taking out croutons or providing chicken breast or fish that doesn’t have a breaded batter around it along with vegetables.

Vegetarian or Vegan

Vegans are considered the strictest vegetarian. What’s hard about providing meals for vegetarians is many have a different definition of what is okay and what is not. By providing meals that are vegan-friendly, you’ll be covering just about any vegetarian out there since it’s the strictest form. Vegans do not eat any animal product of any kind including chicken broth, cheese, milk, eggs, honey, and more. By singling out which dishes are vegan, and being sure to prepare the food so there is no cross contamination with the restaurant supplies between the vegan dishes and other dishes that do include animal products, you’ll be able to appeal to this demographic.

Food Allergies

There are many food allergies that can cause difficulties for those who want to eat out. Mark which common allergens are in foods on the menu to help customers with food allergies.

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