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We just celebrated my daughter’s birthday last Sunday, naturally we were still very tired come Monday and nobody wants to cook for lunch. It’s a good thing there’s Quick Delivery. Quick Delivery delivers food from over 115 different restaurants to anyone within Metro Manila.

I went to their website which was very easy to navigate and pulled up the menu of Kooky and Luscious. I dialed 212-12-12. Since their slogan says, “We deliver twoanyone” {2121212}, their number was very easy to remember. Kristine answered my call, she was very polite and asked me my name, phone number and address. I was actually waiting for her to tell me that they don’t deliver to my location but they definitely lived up to their slogan that they deliver to anyone. She informed me that my order will arrive within 90 minutes. you might be wondering,why so long? Well, I was ordering from  a restaurant in Ayala and I live in Caloocan..LOL!

My order was placed at around 10:57am and it arrived at 12:40pm. Not bad, considering where my order came from. Everybody was excited because it was the first time we did not order fastfood meal or pizza.

The order came neatly in re-usable plastic containers bearing the restaurant’s stickers. I was surprised that the food was still warm when it arrived.
Lengua Sevillana with Mushrooms and Olives
I love lengua and this did not disappoint. It is very flavorful with big slices of mushroom
Black Olive and Tuyo Pasta and Scallop and Seared Seafood Pasta
Both pasta dishes are enjoyable but I prefer the Black olive and tuyo pasta.
For dessert, we ordered a slice of Banana Cake, Ensaimada with quezo de bola, a slice of Mango Cheesecake and Date walnut food for the Gods. My dad who is a diabetic enjoyed the Mango Cheesecake. He didn’t have to worry because it was sugar-free, as well as the Date walnut food for the gods.
Brazo de Mercedes
This is my new favorite, Theirs is the only brazo that is soft and chewy but has a crispy outer layer.
We were full and satisfied.
Always remember that Quick Delivery delivers twoanyone. Call 212-1212.

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