Bassett’s Murray Mints- my new favorite candy!

I have never met a mint I didn’t like. I mean, what’s not to like..they are simple,cool and fresh and they can certainly mingle with a lot of flavors. Chocolate Mint is my favorite among the combination of flavors.
This candy was included in the package my aunt from the UK sent us. It was love at first taste{Don’t be jealous, peanutbutter}.This is the first time I’ve tried a mint candy that has a slightly buttery/slightly creamy taste..and it drove me crazy!
I think I could live off a day eating just this and water..LOL! I know it’s not healthy.I’d probably laugh all day from being sugar high. So far, I’ve eaten three and I’m trying to control myself from eating the whole bag. I’d eat this like popcorn if this is available locally and can easily be bought from the grocery.
One thing I’m absolutely sure is that I’m gonna bring a lot of this when we go on an out of town trip next month. We are not yet sure where we would have our mini-vacation. We were thinking that a boating holiday or a holiday picnic would be nice. It would take our mind off work and will help us all relax.

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  1. I have been looking for the Bassett’s Murray Mints with this wrapper and have not seen them until your post. Do you know where you can buy them?

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