US Potato Board Holds Thanksgiving Event To Mark Another Year of Supporting the Filipino Food Industry

The US Potato Board (USPB), the promotion and marketing organization for US Potatoes, recently held its annual thanksgiving dinner to mark another milestone year of supporting Filipino food establishments and professionals across the country.

Continuing its tradition of showcasing the talent of top Filipino chefs at these dinners, the USPB gave the stage this year to Arnold Gozon, the executive chef of Terraz at Makati City. He follows the footsteps of Myrna Segismundo and Sau Del Rosario, who had the privilege of exhibiting their creations during previous years.

Present at the event were USPB Country Representative Reji Retugal-Onal, as well as USPB Global Marketing Manager Susan Weller. Representatives of US Department of Agriculture also graced the event. USPB’s partners and clients, as well as well-respected personalities in the food industry were also in attendance.

“Potatoes have always been a hit among Filipino food lovers. They are naturally delicious, rich in nutrients, and wonderfully versatile,” said Retugal-Onal. “The USPB is helping food establishments and professionals around the country respond to this demand by providing them with a steady supply of consistently high-quality US Potatoes. With these on hand, chefs, restaurateurs, and business owners can focus their creative energies on making their establishments more productive and introducing innovative dishes that their consumers will enjoy.”

To make the thanksgiving dinner even more meaningful, the USPB also presented the #USPotatoesForACause campaign. It is an on-going social media campaign that encourages people to share their own potato recipes, for the chance to have US Potatoes donated on their behalf to USPB’s partner orphanages, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal and Bahay Maria. The donation aims to help these organizations create healthy but affordable dishes for children under their ward. Currently, the campaign has generated 15 kilos of US Potatoes to be donated to the beneficiaries.


Talk about the versatility of this tuberous crop and chefs would share firsthand how potatoes have become an integral ingredient of some of the world’s best cuisines.

Besides variety, restaurateurs can be assured of a steady supply because US potato growers offer processors a plentiful year-round delivery of the finest potatoes that meet stringent FDA and USDA specifications. The ideal growing temperatures, rich soil, state-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise required by US Frozen Potatoes enable chefs to achieve a sumptuous meal with desirable appearance, taste, and texture.

With US Potatoes, market growth and diversity is within the grasp of the Filipino food industry. Chefs at work and at home can make every dining opportunity both an occasion worth remembering and a work of art worth sharing.

To further encourage the trade of US Frozen Potatoes in the Philippines, the United States Potato Board (USPB) provides several support programs for establishments that use 100% US frozen potato products. One of them is the Best Practices Seminars and Training Programs where restaurant staffs are trained on proper storage, handling and preparation of US frozen potatoes to create the best tasting dishes. Seminars about menu development are also practiced to help foodservice partners aware of global trend and practices. Co-Op Promotions is also another support program wherein the USPB supports part of the promotional costs of the new menu using US Frozen Potatoes. Lastly, the USPB does ongoing research into trends and consumer attitudes to further help the establishments maximize their sales by capturing market trends, consumer attitudes and eating habits of their customers.

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