Caffe Ti-Amo

Yes, I am still not getting  enough sleep and I am going overboard with my caffeine dosage… ssshhhh, don’t tell peanutbutter. Well, partly it has something to do with being addicted to blogging, hee.

Latte {P75/$1.72}- I love how firm the milk foam is on top!

When we went  to have our sim cards changed the other day. I was so sleepy{ which is how I usually am} that I needed a cup of coffee. I didn’t wanna go to the usual coffee shops and I told sis that I wanted to try Caffe Ti-Amo. So we went.  This first thing I noticed when I entered the shop was the gelatos in the freezer. They looked really delicious and they have yogurt gelato too. You know how much I love froyos. The friendly staff offered us a taste but I declined because I just wanted some coffee at the time. Hmmn, now I wonder how it taste like.

Moist Carrot-Walnut Cake {around P50/$1.14} – it’s really moist

Since we weren’t in the mood to eat, sis & I just ordered two small lattes and a carrot cake to share. And over coffee, we talked about her friend who just gave birth to a cute baby girl. The baby will be christened soon and she’s going to be one of the godmothers. There were lots of Christening Gifts ideas in our conversation. I was tempted to order a waffle or a cup gelato to tide me over..LOL!

Caffe Ti-Amo
G/F SM The Annex

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14 Responses

  1. A simple coffee and a moist carrot cake looks very attractive by your photographs.

  2. Peachy, what a wonderful treat to indulge in! We always need something special like these, don’t we?

  3. gosh, also forgot to mention that I LOVE your new blog design. i’m redoing mine right now too!

  4. Congrats for your Move! It looks wonderful on WP! I wonder why you chose Disqus. After my experience with ID, I prefer the native WP system 😉

    Good luck and I could eat all that sweet place 🙂

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