Gonzo’s Grill & Restaurant

Lemonade{P62.50/$1.40} + soup that comes with the meal

We found ourselves in Makati last monday afternoon. Ykaie and I went with sissy to take care of some thing I’m not at liberty to tell you. It’s something personal to sissy. Anyway, the company’s address was in Makati, we got there around noon so we headed for the nearest restaurant to have lunch.

Puttanesca {P223.21/$5.13}

I find their Puttanesca a little bland. It taste just like plain pasta with marinara sauce. I prefer one with lots of anchovies, olives and capers. Puttanesca is meant to be a somewhat salty pasta dish and for its price, it should have at least a few olive slices in it.

It came with two slices of garlic toast or is it just buttered toast? I don’t really know because I didn’t try the bread.

Beef Stroganoff {P241/$5.50}

We ordered this one for ykaie. The beef stroganoff was served on the side. The beef was tender and the sauce was creamy, the pasta was al dente. It was a regular beef stroganoff.

Ykaie only ate some of the pasta without the sauce and the bread that came with the Puttanesca.

Fish and Chips {P214.29/$4.92}

This is what I ordered, you can choose from coleslaw and potato salad on the side. I chose coleslaw, their version has raisins in it which I liked. The fish and chips are are perfectly fine, except I prefer my fish as a whole fillet instead of a roll.

It was a fine lunch.

Oh and that company we went to in Makati? They failed to inform sis that they already moved their office to UN Ave. in Manila. It was such a hassle! We had to take a cab again to Manila.

Gonzo’s Grill & Restaurant
G/Lvl. LPL Center 130 Leviste St. Salcedo Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila

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  1. where is this near at. i went to the leviste – dela costa stretch last january to find Malcolm’s Place, only to have found ouot that the two malcolm outlets in the vicinity were under renovation. maybe i will try this.

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