My Top Six (6) Favorite Pizza Parlors

My Top Six Favorite Pizza Parlors |

Let’s admit it, one of the foods we enjoy when going to the movies, food tripping, or just plainly hanging out at home is pizza. Even when we are too tired or too busy to cook — our go-to food is… (you guessed it).. pizza. However, we don’t simply order pizza from any restaurant. All of us have these handful of favorite pizza places where we want our pizza to be ordered from.

Let me tell you my favorite pizza parlors….

My Top Six  Favorite Pizza Parlors |

Four Cheese with Shiitake

1. Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab’s Four Cheese Pizza will always be my favorite! It is topped with four of my favorite cheeses namely: mozzarella, cheddar, romano, and feta and is exploding with flavor in every bite. When I call to order, I usually have them add sliced shiitake mushrooms and/or anchovies to complete my day. Plus, this is also the only flavor my daughter and my nieces wants to eat.

My Top Six  Favorite Pizza Parlors |

Cheeseburger Pizza

2. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut popularized the stuffed crust idea. Stuffing the edges of pizza with mozarella cheese, sausage, sausage pops, cheesy volcano, or even their latest,— cheeseburger. Aside from that, they also create unique seasonal flavors and their number for delivery is the easiest to remember … 911-11-11

I’ll be the first to line up should there be Pizza Hut Coupons given out.

My Top Six  Favorite Pizza Parlors |

Pizza Castellana

3. Shakey’s

Shakey’s is my go-to pizza parlor when I’m craving for thin crust pizza. I love their thin crust pizzas because of the crispiness of the crust itself, regardless of the flavor. I also love their ambience so I prefer to dine-in their instead of having my food delivered at home. Besides, their Mojo Potatoes are best eaten when it just came out of the kitchen.

My Top Six  Favorite Pizza Parlors |

White Pizza with Cucumber and Bacon

4. Sbarro

Sbarro’s deep dish pizzas are to die for and one slice is usually big enough to fill your tummy. Chicago Deep Dish pizza is my brother’s favorite while I usually go for their famous White Pizza.

My Top Six  Favorite Pizza Parlors |

Rustica Thin Crust Pizza with Pepperoni

5. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen or most commonly known as CPK may not hold that much mass appeal because it caters to mostly upper or middle class. But if you are a true-blue pizza afficionado then CPK is surely in your list of must-eats. They offer unique pizza flavors such as Goat Cheese Pizza, Peking Duck Pizza, Tostada Chicken Pizza, Santa Fe Chicken Pizza, and Teriyaki Chicken Pizza.

I will definitely hold on to my Pizza Hut Coupons to make way for a CPK coupon any day..LOL!

philly cheese steak pizza

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

6. Greenwich

Great job in getting JLC to be the Greenwich Pizza endorser but people are not eating their pizza just because of him. Green pizzas are simply delicious and those overload toppings are hard to resist. My mother is a fan of their Ultimate Hawaiian overload pizza and it’s something that should always be ordered when calling this pizza parlor.

There! That’s my list of favorite. I do try other pizza joints from time to time because I love exploring surprising pizza toppings. How about you? What are your favorites?

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9 Responses

  1. Shakey’s! That’s one of my favorite pizza place back in Japan… I wonder if that still exist (or changed at all). I should have tried their pizza while I was there. It’s fun looking at different pizza places. 🙂

  2. Wow, you made me crave for pizza! We have a favorite here in Thailand, it’s called Pizza Company. I have not eaten any other pizza for four years now so maybe I should explore some more when I’ll be back in the Philippines! 🙂

  3. me and my family love all the pizzas you mentioned above plus papa john’s 🙂 I also create my own pizza though I seldom do it because romano and mozarella cheese are a bit pricey ahihi

  4. Maybe because I am not a frequent eater at Yellow Cab, I have not seen Four Cheese with Shiitake on its menu. It looked so delicious with shiitake mushrooms. Pizza Hut pizzas are classic! I don’t mind to try new and exciting flavors they release every now and then. Shakey’s pizzas are favored for thin-crust ones. Mojos and some condiments. would help to complement each piece. 🙂 Sbarro is one of my all-time favorites as well!

  5. Our recent trip to Italy exposed me to every authentic pizza, pasta, I sometimes feel whatever I eat now is not at par with those. 🙁 Great choices, Sbarro would top mine from your list but Greenwich’s thin crust will always be a favorite! 🙂

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