Another day at Ristorante Bigoli

Spaghetti Al Pesto {P95/$2.18}

The first time I dined at this restaurant, I was satisfied.  They served complimentary garlic bread that’s really delicious. Today, their garlic bread is still delicious but they don’t serve complimentary ones anymore. That’s fine, I understand that every thing is expensive nowadays and you can’t get anything for free. The problem started with this pasta that was served to us cold. I hate cold pasta, it makes even the most delicious ones taste like a cat’s nose with sauce.

Bacon Strombolli {P120/$2.75}

I’m very easy to please. I love anything with bacon. This one was served hot and boy, do I love it. It is like a cinnamon roll with cheese and bacon inside. The Strombolli in the menu board showed that it was served with marinara sauce. The one that was served to us, came with a sauce that looked like tartar sauce but tasted like gravy. I had to ask what the sauce was. To my surprise, it was their Alfredo sauce. {Note to myself: Don’t try their Pasta Alfredo}.

Aglio Olio {P95/$2.18}

The pasta is supposed to get all tasty and flavorful because this doesn’t have any sauce. Pasta turned-out bland and all those delicious flavors were absorbed by the olives and those whole cloves of garlic.

Ristorante Bigoli
Cinema Lvl. Trinoma,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 901-5742

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  1. Taghirap na talaga. Kahit yung favorite resto namin dito, hindi na nagseserve ng bread unless you ask for it. ;-(

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