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Almost everyone I know gets shocked when I tell them that I am a Criminology graduate. They always see me as someone who graduated from kitchen or restaurant related courses like Hotel and restaurant Management or Culinary courses because I love to cook.

Well, I don’t think I made the wrong choice. I really wanted to be a cop back then. If I could study another course today, though, I’d like something that is kitchen related. But it’s hard to find the time to do so. There are online degree programs which offers a convenient and flexible way of getting an education but I still need to check if they offer such courses. If they are, then these online degree programs are the answers to my prayers.

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5 Responses

  1. I was shocked as well, I thought you studies in between the lines of culinary arts. Anyways same as me, I studied Physics/Math and now I am in the IT industry. But I love cooking and also want to puruse studies in that field or even start as a part time chef if opportunity arise.

  2. Peachy, check out I use the website for information and to refresh my skills, but I am not sure whether they give you a diploma.

  3. You studied criminology??? Wowww cool!! Would never have thought “Criminology” and “Peach Kitchen” could ever be said in the same sentence. 😛 That’s what I call a well-rounded woman! 🙂

  4. Criminology is a thrilling and hot subject. I like it. But I am studied with hotel management now. So I think it is the best.
    Moen kitchen faucets!

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