Picnic at Piña Colina Resort, Tagaytay

Picnic at Piña ColinaSis and I always wanted to go on a picnic. Seems like we couldn’t find the time to do so….until we went to Tagaytay.  We had a picnic on the grassy soil in front of our Casita. It was an early dinner. This was when we prepared the Pepperoni and Cheese Quesadilla. Everything else was either fresh fruit or something ready made.

Picnic at Piña ColinaWe had some hotdogs on stick: we bought hotdogs from the nearby market, fried it and then skewered it.

Picnic at Piña ColinaWe also had some fresh fruist. Turned out, all the fruits we bought were yellow. We had ripe mangoes, pineapples, bananas and yellow watermelon.

Pretzels dipped in Salsa con Queso

Some candies

Our drink was iced tea with orange and apple pieces…

Our picnic spread

I ate two hotdogs, a lot of quesadillas, two mango cheeks, one pineapple, two bananas, some pretzels and I had four cups of iced tea! I was super full after! All I needed was coffee.

It was certainly a blast!

Will be back in Tagaytay next month but I’m not so sure that I’ll be cooking –at all..

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10 Responses

  1. Oh my, that vacation looks so fun! I wonder if they have accommodations for four people, somewhere below 6000 Pesos..I checked out your other site and Pina Colina looks wonderful! I hope to have my vacation soon, but our graduation will be on Monday next week so I really can’t leave before that. 🙁
    Have a happy vacation!
    Much ♥,
    Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

  2. Wow Philippine Mangoes, I miss those. They are mega expensive here around $5 (Php 175) each so I usually opt in for Ecuador mangoes which is 5x cheaper.

  3. Waahhh! Looks like you all had a lot of fun talaga. 🙂

    This gave me an idea for a celebration this year. My family haven’t had a chance to go on a picnic yet. This should be interesting… ^_^

  4. Wow, I love picnic…and sure looks that you all had a great time with yummie food 🙂 Have a good one!

  5. This is what a I call a magnificent picnic! Fresh fruits, quesadillas, queso mmmm I need to go with you next time 🙂



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