Enjoy it Lite with the New Lucky Me! Lite! 30% Less Sodium, 100% Sarap

Enjoy it Lite with the New Lucky Me! Lite! 30% Less Sodium, 100% Sarap

You know how much I love cooking for my family and for my daughter. Preparing delicious and nutritious food is one of the ways I show them how much I love them. So when it comes to cooking, I make sure I only buy the freshest ingredients. When I buy fruits and vegetables at the market, I make sure that I check them out one by one even if it means staying at the store for a little longer. I don’t want to serve them  over ripe or bruised fruits and vegetables.

And sometimes, when I serve it to them I make sure I do it with a nice presentation so it will always look appetizing. I keep in mind the saying that you always eat with your eyes first.

Call me Metikoloso but that’s how I am when it comes to food and taking care of my family.

Even when choosing Instant Noodles for them. We are avid Lucky Me! eaters. Our family loves the whole product line of Lucky Me! from Pancit Canton to Sotanghon to Instant Noodles. Not only are they delicious, it also doesn’t have any artificial preservatives added and uses natural green tea extract to keep their product fresh..

Enjoy it Lite with the New Lucky Me! Lite! 30% Less Sodium, 100% Sarap

So imagine how glad I am when friends from Lucky Me! sent over a bayong filled with  Lucky Me! Lite… and with three heart-shaped balloons too!

Enjoy it Lite with the New Lucky Me! Lite! 30% Less Sodium, 100% Sarap

Lucky Me! Lite is the first-ever less sodium Beef  and Chicken instant mami noodle that is 30% less in sodium.  It is developed by Lucky Me! with your family’s nurturance in mind.

Enjoy it Lite with the New Lucky Me! Lite! 30% Less Sodium, 100% Sarap

I am a fan of Lucky Me! Lite Chicken na Chicken. It has the same chicken na chicken flavor but is 30% less sodium.

Enjoy it Lite with the New Lucky Me! Lite! 30% Less Sodium, 100% Sarap

While my litte girl Ykaie, remains loyal to her favorite. She now enjoys Lucky Me! Lite Beef na Beef with 30% less sodium,100% Sarap.

Try it out for yourself. It’s the same Lucky Me!Instant Noodles…..only Lite-r.

Let’s all enjoy life Lite. Head on to http://luckymelite.mondenissin.com/ and check out some tips from Zoren and Carmina and some of your favorite bloggers on how you can enjoy life lite.

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21 Responses

  1. Honestly this is one of the Filipino food items that I lost my taste. After more than 8 years of not having those (the regular ones) my taste buds wont accept them. We had used indomie for replacement as this was hard to avail on where we lived before

  2. Lucky Me is my favorite instant noodles in the Philippines. I wish I could find this one at our Filipino store here in TX.

  3. oh how i miss lucky me noodles! im craving for one right now after reading ur post. their new product seems awesome coz it has less sodium, it’s healthier so to speak but without comprising on the much tested yumminess of their noodles.

  4. I miss lucky. I grew up with this,lol. This is a comfort food, if you are tired or too lazy to cook, just grab a pack and cook in a microwave or stove top.

  5. Ay nako po, miss na miss ko na ang noodles sa pinas ah.. iba ang lasa sa noodles dito kay sa Pinas. When I cook noodles si hubsie ko now loves the way I mix vegtables in my noodles. I sauteed some garlic and onions first then some water and let it boil. One boiling I would put some bok choy or di kaya chayote then let it cook saka yong noodles na. Ay ang sarap! 🙂 The noodles look good!

  6. ooooh this is interesting. I like Lucky Me mami pero I stopped nga kasi daw daming soduim. Buti nlng they released a lite version. will try them soon

  7. I really like Lucky Me’s creations. They never fail me with every product they offer. I haven’t tried Lite yet, but thanks to this, I was able to know Lite. Will buy and try this soon 🙂


  8. We haven’t tried these yet, but I like anything “lite,” so yes, I will definitely buy some of these Lucky Me Lite on my next visit to the supermarket.

  9. it’s my first time to heard about this but i think this is a good alternative for those who love to eat noodles, because i stop eating for a long time, it’s not really a wise food choice.

  10. I am also a fan of Lucky Me and it’s nice that they are selling into the market the new lite Lucky Me. I prepared my noodles soup with eggs and vegetables to become more nutritious.

  11. My daughter loves noodles 🙂 this reminds me of her i might get some noodles in the store! 🙂

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