Scentsy Makes Perfect Scents

I love aromatherapy. Not only does it sets the mood romantically, it also helps you relax, get energized  and sometimes it alleviates pain as well. I used to love scented candles. I light them up for either aromatheraphy or when I just want the bedroom or the living room to smell good.

Specially if I just cooked something garlicky and I have guests, I wouldn’t want them to go in a room and have the smell of garlic in their clothes. I would be a bad host if I allow that to happen so I light up scented candles.

I stopped using scented candles when my daughter became a toddler. Any child becomes fascinated when they see the candle wick lit up.

Scentsy Products are the best alternative during these situations. They provide “a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles”. They have decorative Scentsy warmers which melts scented wax with the heat of a light bulb, safer than wick and flame. And since these warmers are beautifully designed, it makes any room jazzed up.

I think my ykaie would love the Scentsy Buddy. They are huggable snuggle buddies with wonderful and delicious fragrance. They could give a good night’s sleep or a  very energized playtime.

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2 Responses

  1. I just recently purchased my first Scentsy and have loved it. There are so many wonderful scents to choose from.

  2.  i like the piggy scentsy hihi, they’re adorable, it can be hanged on a corner which will also serve as a decoration, not bad huh

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