Rome’s Birthday Dinner at the Crystal Lotus, Disneyland Resort

We left Ngong Ping 360 in a hurry. We were excited to go back to Disneyland and eat at the Crystal Lotus which is located inside the Disneyland Hotel. After all it was my hot cousin Rome’s birthday treat. The MTR took longer than usual and we would have ridden a horse, equestrian helmets and uniform and all, had it been available.

At Disneyland Hotel

Ykaie was given a children’s set of dinnerware at the Crystal Lotus. She was very eager to eat because the dinnerware has Disney characters in it.

The Birthday Celebrant — my HOT cousin Rome of

Roast Pork Barbecue {HK $98/P588}

Pork was tender and the flavor of sweet roasted pork was delicious. I’ll order this again if I happen to eat at the Crystal Lotus once more. This is the only dish that ykaie ate with steamed rice.

Deep Fried Pork Spare Ribs {HK $108/P648}

Duck and Taro Puff with Mango Sauce {HK $148/P888}

Although my love for roasted duck has been unleashed by this random restaurant outside our hotel, I found out that I do not get easily fond of anything-duck as I do not love the idea of duck and taro together, much more dipped in mango sauce.

Abalone and Shiitake Noodles {HK $98/P588}

Pardon the blurry photo of this one..

Pork with Pineapples {HK $118/P708}

This is your regular Sweet and Sour pork here…something familiar on the tastebuds…

Crab and E-Fu Noodles {HK$78/P468}

Green Tea Jellies {HK$48/P288}

We had two mickey-mouse-shaped desserts. The green tea jellies which taste nice…

Red Bean Cake {HK$ 48//P288}

..and the red bean cake topped with jelly which I like better…

It was a superb dinner if I must say…We have to do this again!

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  1. parang sarap nung crab & efu noodles and yung may abalone & mushrooms!! 🙂

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