My First HongKong Dinner

After almost a day at the Disneyland Resort, we were supposed to meet up for dinner at the entrance. My cousin Rome is celebrating his 30th birthday and dinner was on him that night at the Crystal Lotus Restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel. But we didn’t see each other, so dinner at the Crystal Lotus was re-scheduled the next day.

Since we didn’t see them, peanutbutter, ykaie and I decided to go back to the hotel and have dinner in one of the local restaurants outside the hotel.

peanutbutter wanted roast duck and we remembered seeing some on the restaurant around the corner. The problem was nobody really spoke english in HongKong…even the menu was in Chinese.

Roast Duck with Rice {HKD 32}

It came with a thick citrus-y sauce. This is really delicious and I secretly wished I ordered the same thing..

Noodles with thin pork slices {HKD25}

But my order was noodles which turned out to be just average tasting… I wished I could read Chinese, maybe I would have ordered a different thing on the menu.

The restaurant doesn’t serve any drink except for tea, so when I became thirsty…I ordered for water. When the waitress left to get my water, I thought she understood me but when she came back…she handed me….

Iced Chocolate Milk {HKD 9}

..which Ykaie didn’t wanna drink. I ended up drinking the whole glass because I paid HKD9 for it.Pffttt… I’m guessing it was cold Milo.

And so after our dinner, we went back to the hotel to sleep. A few minutes later, Sis, Tita becka, Joff, Rome and Dia arrived. That’s when they told us that Rome’s birthday dinner was postponed for the next day. They were hungry too, so I took them to the same restaurant where we had dinner. They ordered the same Roast Duck dish on the menu and three more dishes..

Carbo on Carbo.. This is fried bread very much similar to our bicho-bicho here, wrapped in what seemed like thick lumpia wrapper. A thin sweet sauce was poured in it. I could tell there was soy sauce in that sauce. Then, you can dip it two more kinds of sauces on the table — a thick sweet sauce and a thick hot sauce.

I found this to be surprisingly good…different but good…

Sis Anney, ordered for this Crispy Noodles.. the serving was kinda big and she couldn’t finish it by herself…

I know this is Beef Hofan Noodles. I don’t know what this is on their menu. I’ve tasted something like it in one of the restaurants in Ongpin.

I love immersing myself in food from another culture. I just wish trhere was more tie to explore the street foods.

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6 Responses

  1. i like the noodles/ noodle soup in HK!! super yummy.. plus their egg tarts too!! 🙂 don’t forget to eat at Popeye’s in HKIA before going back to Manila.

  2. Peach I think we ate at the same restaurant when we were there in HK… The place looked very much the same, and I remember none of the staff (nor the menu) were in English. Where was the resto located? I think where we ate was just walking distance from Lan Kwai Fong… (not sure)

  3. OMG, you’re in Hong Kong, my home country.  I just got back to the States from HKG last month.  I surely missed the food there.  If you’re still there, visit Mong Kowk city (easily getting there with the MTR) and you can enjoy as much street food as you like!  Hope you’ll have a fun, delicious and safe trip in HKG. 

    BTW, I have a few posts about my trip in HK and Macau.  Feel free to check it out.Amy

  4. Wow I missed HK all of a sudden, this was my usual lunch and dinner when I used to work there.  I even have to memorize some Chinese characters just to know what i am eating, just to make sure I am eating only pork, seafood, beef and chicken.

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