I consider myself as a foodie and as a foodie, the first thing I consider when choosing a place to visit is the kind of food that they serve. I love immersing myself in different cultures and trying out the different cuisine that each culture offers.

One of the places that I would want to visit as a tourist someday is Amsterdam. I have heard a lot about amsterdam restaurants and the food that they serve their guests. Dutch pancake is the first on my list of food to try, pancakes that are prepared traditionally. I’ve heard that they also serve fusion dishes such as mexican-japanese and of course, upscale french dishes.

But of course, I’m not just focused on food. I would also like to see the art Amsterdam is famous for. You can see true Dutch artworks at its finest in museums and galleries. Among the famous places that showcases art in Amsterdam, these two are the ones that I would like to visit ~ Rembrandt at Home and The Van Gogh Museum.

It’s actually my dream to travel all around Europe. Amsterdam is just gonna be my first stop and my next destination would be Zurich. There is a long list following these two cities. I just hope I can visit each and everyone on my list.





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