Bohol Bee Farm’s The Buzzz Ice Cream

Yup, you read it right. The restaurant’s name has three Z‘s… It’s not misspelled.

One of the places that I want to go to in Bohol is Bohol Bee Farm. It’s just that when we went there for our vacation, we had very limited time and we had to put Bohol Bee Farm at the end of our list during our day tour. I didn’t think we’d make it there by late afternoon.

Bohol Bee Farm's The Buzzz Ice Cream

Good thing there’s a branch of their The Buzzz Cafe down at Loboc River and it was a great thing I saw it too! I wanted to dine and taste their organic and healthy dishes but we were having lunch at the famous Riverwatch Floating Restaurant. I just told myself that I’m going back to Bohol someday and I’m gonna be able to try it.

Bohol Bee Farm's The Buzzz Ice Cream This is the main reason for my desire to go to Bohol Bee Farm— their homemade ice creams.  They said that it is made with natural ingredients and without preservative making it very healthy. They have very unique local flavors too like Malunggay {Moringa}, Nipa Fruit, Durian and Spicy Ginger.

Ykaie got a scoop of her favorite flavor. What else, but Chocolate? Notice the light brown almost beige color? That would mean that it doesn’t contain any food color.

My MIL had Malunggay/Moringa. She said she couldn’t quite taste the Moringa in the ice cream.

I am not really a fan of ice cream cones but what I like about theirs is that they are not using the usual ice cream cone but a homemade one as well. It is like a bubbly crepe but made crispy so it can stand on its own and hold the scoop of ice cream.

SIL had Ube/Purple Yam. It matches her top…quite the fashionista huh?

LOL! Just kidding. She really likes Ube Ice Cream.

And of course, “the model”…{ROFL}…a.k.a. peanutbutter had Avocado Ice Cream.

I had the Spicy Ginger.

You know how much I love ginger…

and so I have fallen madly in lve with this flavor…

Now I’m craving for it at this moment…

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12 Responses

  1. Those flavors are rare and quite exotic in my opinion.  You have to grow up savoring those flavors (acquired taste). Thank you for sharing Peachy!

  2. Wow, I love ice cream…would love to try all the flavors, specially the ginger one 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

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