Dinner at S.T.K., Bohol

After  the tiring but super fun country-side tour, our tour-guide-slash-driver, Kuya Edgar took us to Sugba-Tula-Kilaw for dinner or S.T.K. for short. He told us that it is the best restaurant in town and that’s where he takes tourist all of the time.

Sugba stands for grilled. This restaurant serves anything grilled — pork, fish, squid, and chicken. Kilaw stands for anything that is eaten fresh or raw and is marinated in an acid-based dressing or sauce like vinegar or calamansi. And Tula stands for Tinola. Tinola is a soup-based dish, usually chicken, that is cooked with ginger. Apparently, Tinola is very popular in Bohol and they cook everything as tinola may it be fish, pork or beef.

We ordered Fish Tinola, Crab in Aligue {Crab fat} sauce and Grilled Tuna Panga{Jaw}. The fish tinola is a little bit disappointing because there is very little fish in it. It was mostly soup that made the serving.

Grilled Pork Belly is ykaie’s favorite.

Papaitan is usually cow’s or goat’s innards , stewed and flavored with bile. The name of this dish is derived from “pait” meaning bitter, referring to the bitter taste of the bile.

MIL and ykaie, after dinner

It was actually the first time I’ve tried Papaitan and it doesn’t really taste bitter. I don’t know if they cooked it right. I have to give that dish a try again, in a different restaurant.

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5 Responses

  1. all the food really looks yummy and the name of the resto is very appealing! this post made me starve! bahaw get ready, I’m coming!:)

  2. in some area, they call these types of resto SUTUKIL… i initially thought they shot the fish until it gets killed, as in shototokill(like shot-to-kill order), yun pala, sugba(ihaw), tuwa(nilaga), and kilaw(kilawin) pala. 🙂

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