Cheese and Wine Party for my Birthday?

My birthday is coming up.

So I’m thinking of a really fun way to celebrate it. There will be a small party, like 10 guests tops.

And these guests? They’re composed of my cousins and the kids and sis…you know, the usual.

I’d love it if peanutbutter‘s here but since he’s not gonna be around because of work, I’ll just think of a really nice birthday party theme.

Right now, I’m thinking Cheese Party. Aaand if there’s cheese then there’s wine. Definitely there will be some  good rare wine to compliment rare aged cheese…or cheeses.

I am all for planning ahead. I don’t want to just go ahead buy the cheese and serve them. That would work for some kind of cheese but some has to be baked together with a few herbs and spices.

I also have to make a research about which fruits, vegetables or nuts go well with certain kinds of cheese such as Brie, Camembert  or Truffled Goat Cheese and the best rare wine that goes with them. I am thinking two kinds of red wine and  two kinds of white wine are more than enough for the party.

Let me check my budget again….

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5 Responses

  1. I love cheese and wine party…it’s going to be fun!  😀  I always have cheese, nuts, fruit and wine for most gatherings before the main course anyway….so, I think those are must have for any party.   Happy party planning.

  2. i never understood cheese and wine pairing, but that said i’ve never tried it before. let me know how it goes and advanced happy birthday to you! 😀 

  3. Oh. Sounds really good. I’ve never like drinking wine but with cheese I think I might change my mind. I can’t wait to hear how your celebration will go! Happy Birthday in advance Ate Peach!

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