Christmas Day Lunch 2011

The family’s theme for Christmas 2011 is RED. Last year it was green, do you remember?

And just like our Noche Buena, the table was filled with delicious and colorful dishes come lunchtime on Christmas Day. Everybody was busy cooking that morning.

Come and see what everyone came up with.

My mom’s Lengua Estofado which I ate a lot of…

Penne Mango Salad made by my sister who calls herself Anney

Ate Thess’s Shrimp Thermidor

My Tita Becka bought Lechon, to everyone’s delight..

My brother, the surgeon-slash-butcher, did what he does best — he sliced and diced and gave everybody lechon pieces while eating a few chunks, himself.

Poor Lechon… she didn’t stand a chance….tsk, tsk, tsk,

I made Honey Lemon Glazed Chicken Wings, my version of bonchon chicken…. and they loved it…

Tita Eva made Steamed Fish with Mayo-Garlic dressing

Our dessert was Gingerbread Cupcakes topped with Gingerbread Cookies….

It was a very Merry Christmas, indeed!

That’s me right there on the upper right. I thought I’d put a “me” sign cause you might have a difficult time lookin’ for me.

More wacky family photos here.

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8 Responses

  1. I surely will not  recognize you without me sign because you’re all in red..    It’s a  merrier Christmas   with  family around. 

  2. Waaaah! Sarap ng lengua estofado. Gusto ko lutuin kaso hindi kakainin ng asawa ko LoL.

    P.S. Next year dapat ay green and red naman ang motif nyo hehe.

  3. Super saya at super sarap ng Christmas lunch nyo,kami just went to Shakeys for lunch on that day eh, lol! and yeah, we always have red as theme every year. 😀

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