Noche Buena 2011

Good God! I got so full during Christmas Eve dinner and the feast that we had on Christmas Day that I felt like I would never eat again until 2013!

I hope you had the best Christmas…

You know, two months ago, I had planned on making quite a few Christmas dishes but I fell in a rut towards early December. I was feeling a little sad because Ykaie and I weren’t celebrating with daddy {peanutbutter}.  I guess it’s the season but I had to make something during the most special day of the year…

Marshmallow Reindeers and Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Sis something for the kids but they had to spend Christmas elsewhere. Only Ykaie got to enjoy them.

Beef Pot Roast

I summoned up enough courage to make Beef Pot Roast without a dutch oven and it worked! Let’s just say that it’s a little dry but the sauce and the gravy made it heavenly.

I have to get myself a dutch oven next year. {Recipe will follow shortly}

Mashed Potato Christmas Trees

To complement the yummy beef pot roast and gravy are the buttery Christmas Tree mashed potato made by sis…

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

The appetizer of the evening. Sweet, salty and greens!!

Fresh Fruit Salad with Orange and Mint Syrup in Apple Cups

I love fresh fruit salads because they are very light. The perfect meal endings for those nights when you want to sleep right after dinner.

Homemade Ham Slices

Tita eva made homemade ham which one of my aunts kept on complaining about. It became sort of a hybrid between my favorite tocino and ham. It still tasted delicous, anyway.

I might’ve been drunk…

My Strawberry Santa didn’t look like Santa because I forgot to put on some whites on top of the “hat”. Will be making these again another time..LOL!

The fat Strawberry looked like R2D2 in costume!
Look at what I had on my plate….

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12 Responses

  1. ang galing!!!! super cool ng mashed potato and the fresh fruit salad! what a creative way to celebrate Noche Buena! was here for YS!

  2. As usual, ang ganda lang. Parang ayoko muna kainin… I’d probably take photos for 2 hours. Hahaha.

    Merry Christmas, sis, and happy new year! 🙂

  3. that was very beautiful! in my case i was not able to take pictures of our Noche Buena, pano sagana sa kwentuhan kami ng mga siblings ko , nung maalala ko nakakain na kami and the table was already full of mess ahaha

    i like the bacon wrapped asparagus, i’ll try that in our Media Noche this New year 🙂

  4. Peach, I want to ask the recipe of the Bacon wrapped Asparagus, I will make some for my mom (she loves asparagus). Pati na rin yung Mashed Potatoes… my aunt wants me to serve Mashed Potatoes for Media Noche, but I don’t know how to. Help help! Thanks a lot.

    The Santa strawberry might not look like Santa, but it’s still cute.. parang Japanese bento items. 🙂

    Bilib ako sa time management nyo – even with the busy sched, you were able to whip up great dishes for Noche Buena.

    Thanks for linking to Weekend Eating. Happy holidays!

  5. wow! sarap naman! love the strawberry Santa! Pag ganyan kaganda will forget to take photos and will eat na agad esp the dessert! Happy Holidays! 

  6. What a great looking meal!  Love the reindeer pops, the mashed potato trees and those strawberry santas are too cute!    Have a wonderful new year!

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