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The summer is a time of pools, grills, fireworks and friends. It’s just around the corner and now is a great time to start collecting thethings you need and recipes for your first summer bash.

One of my favorite summer time recipes is very simple. It’s sweet tea marinated chicken breasts. All you need are some chicken breasts, a bunch of sweet tea and the right herbs and spices. This is a free form recipe that I have never made the same way twice so don’t expect a lot of accurate measurements. All you need to do is make some southern style sweet tea and then pour it over our chicken and a bunch of ice cubes. I suggest using a large freezer bag for this and keeping it cool the entire time. Throw in one good sized sprig of rosemary per bag and just a pinch of salt. You don’t want to complicate this too much and the sweet tea should be up front in the flavor. This stuff grills up nicely but you can bake it in the oven too. It’s delicious. I suggest using a thermometer made for use on charcoal grills so you can cook the chicken right to the edge of done. It will be amazingly juicy and your guests will all love it.

Have you ever considered doing grilled dessert? Grilled fruit on skewers and soaked in brown sugar and rum then topped with whipped
cream once you pull it off a cheap grill is a tasty and fairly healthy dessert when compared to ice cream and other tasty things like that. You just need to make sure that the grills are completely clean before you cook the fruit otherwise you might end up with chicken flavored pineapple and that doesn’t sound good at all.

These are just two simple ideas for using your grills this summer while entertaining. Intriguing recipes like this will keep friends and family coming back for second and looking forward to your next BBQ.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas =) We usually have around for summer and we’ll definitely give this a go. And I’ve tried grilled fruits when I went for a bbq party years ago & loved it. Would defo try it myself =) Thanks 

  2. Summer is here now below the equator – and this chicken sounds wonderful.  I haven’t been away from the South so long that I can’t make a mean sweet tea either.  lol  Thanks for the idea!

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