Weddings and Invitations

Weddings inspire me……..a lot.

Because weddings are products of love, happiness and commitment.

When I watch a movie that has a wedding towards the end, I almost always burst into tears. Why? Weddings always signifies the “happily ever after” moment and I think that most women want that.

I didn’t have an elaborate wedding. Mine was simple, short and sweet. I preferred it that way.

I’ve always been fascinated and had fun with the themed weddings that I attended, though. Wait, no, I loved the themed weddings that I’ve attended.

And they all start with the Custom Wedding Invitations. I always get that giddy feeling when I look at a unique and perfectly made invitation that screams love, inspiration and quality. Then, at the wedding, I get immersed in the ceremony and the props they have at the reception.

The last wedding that I attended {I was one of the bridesmaids}, was the wedding of my cousin. Theirs was a love story of 20 years. It was inspiring because not all relationship end happily after they been on and off for a number of years. They were really meant to be together.

What’s more inspiring is that they had Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations for their wedding. It was made of handmade and 100% recycled paper. No trees were harmed during their wedding,hee.

Had I known about plantable invitations earlier, I would’ve suggested they use that. Plantable Invitations are invitations that are made with 100% post-consumer waste paper which are embedded with seeds. You can plant the paper in soil and grow  flowers right out of the paper. You can’t get more eco-friendly than that.

I wonder if I can use that on Ykaie’s 7th birthday.


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  1. I love weddings too and this year I am going to plan mine. how exciting is that. I’ll check the links. See if can get ideas. I also want my wedding to be simple. I wish I could invite just those people who are really close to us. But with Filipino culture and having big family, I don’t know how to make it possible. I want my wedding to be quiet and romantic with people who truly love us.. hayz… 

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