LuLu Restaurant & an Afternoon of Remarkable Emotions

LuLu, by definition, means one that is wonderful or remarkable…

Indeed it was a Lulu of a lunch that has stirred up all my wondrous emotions in  three hours…

Emotions like…..
Excitement…. for an array of appetizer teasing the palate and preparing it for the sumptous meal ahead. There’s Golden Fish and Crabcakes, Poached Palawan Lobsters with Avocado Cream and Caviar and Chicken-Liver Parfait with Melba Toast….

and Zucchini Blossom Tempura with Sugo di Pomodoro dipping sauce……

Love… love for all things meaty and tasty and flavorful and delicious… This U.S. Certified Angus Beef Entrecote {P1,450} is already a feast for the eyes…imagine a celebration upon eating it.

Inspiration…… the Lulu Mash, a unique side dish made with Sweet potato and orange and served with The Ultimate Porkchop{P620} along with pickled vegetables, will definitely inspire you to comeback and wonder what other unique dishes this restaurant offers.

Patience…. one has to pause and drink, either to refresh the palate or to compliment what you’re eating with a good glass of wine. The Blood Orange juice is very refreshing while Karmis, a white wine you won’t find elsewhere is…. let’s just say, you don’t only drink it, it makes you stop and think about it.It reminded me of this wine my aunt took home from her vacation from one of those well-known orlando hotels .

Understanding…. that a creamy Roasted Squash Soup  doesn’t need to have dairy in it so everybody can have it and that nothing is more delicious than a classic Onion Soup done the LuLu way….this one is served with gruyere gratinated sourdough & oregano bread.

Discovery……of a cooking method that is Sous Vide, which takes a lot of time and effort. Dishes prepared this way are very tender and juicy….like this Green Tea Salmon{P650} that is scented with Japanese Green tea…

And this  Mediterranean Lamb Shank {P798} which is sous vide for twelve hours.

Mac n’ Truffled 5-Cheese {P398}

Herb Encrusted Lam Cutlets served with Cous Cous {P695}

Towards dessert, there was Happiness… I’m not sure if it was brought by the sugar or the chocolate but I was happy or giddy…

And somewhere between the Strawberry and Tarragon Shake & the Peanutbutter and Jelly Tart, I found myself with thoughts of bringing my family, friends and my dear peanutbutter here one of these days. With the variety in the menu and the delicious desserts, one would certainly find a dish to his liking……

This Lemon Cheesecake with Yogurt is definitely a must-try….

Along with the Deconstructed Apple Pie……

Chef Tom Hines

And of course,the last emotion I felt was Gratitude…. to the chef who was able to incorporate all those emotions in the food he makes. The taste and the quality of the food was a product of love, effort, inspiration and thoughts.

LuLu Restaurant
Joya South Tower
Joya Drive, Rockwell

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16 Responses

  1. Peach! Everything looks gorgeous! How much are the prices of the food? I especially like the lamb shank, lamb cutlets, steak and heart-shaped cake. Yummy!!

    1.  Hi Guia, everything’s delicious. The lamb Shank is P798, Lamb Cutlets is P695 and the Steak is P1,450. I forgot the price of the Heart Shaped Cake. It’s actually a mousse of three kinds of chocolate and it was soooooo good.

    1. Those are a la carte orders, except for the soup and appetizers. Those are served to use in small servings kinda like a sampler….

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