Super Bowl of China Welcomes Summer with A New Look and Feel

Super Bowl of China Welcomes Summer with A New Look and Feel

If you’re going to drop by Super Bowl of China in Megamall, you might be in for a little surprise. The restaurant is now sporting a visibly fresher look to capture the heart not only of families but also a younger and wider market. The revamped look is not only limited to the decor and restaurant designs but it extends to a new logo and menu design, staff uniforms, floor and wall finishes, furnishings, food presentation, and its cuisine.

One of the refreshing modifications are the drop lights hanging from the ceiling, which give the dining area an urban vibe that’s contemporary yet inviting. Tables and chairs have been ergonomically refashioned into simple and elegant furniture, arranged in a way that gives guests more space to move around. Lattice woodwork, a reference to the restaurant’s Oriental origins, can also be seen in parts of the wall area, while another section features an infographic décor that sums up the brand’s history & personality.

This infographic décor is a unique wall accessory that gives guests a quick glance into Super Bowl of China’s history, heritage, and bestselling dishes,” said Laine de Jesus-Vallar, senior marketing manager

Just like what I said earlier, the fresh look and feel of Super Bowl of China is not limited to the restaurant’s design — it extends to the delicious cuisine that they offer.

Below are the new dishes that are available for a limited time only…

Super Bowl of China Welcomes Summer with A New Look and Feel

Hot Chicken Salad (₱270) is a bit familiar as it is similar to the popular Chinese Hot Prawn Salad but instead of prawn this dish uses boneless battered chicken fillet tossed in homemade mayo and assorted fruits, then topped with lemon rinds. A great starter, I must say.

Super Bowl of China Welcomes Summer with A New Look and Feel

I loved the Pork Wanton with Mala Sauce (₱95). The steamed pork wanton is juicy and soft complemented by the mildy Spicy Mala Sauce.

Beef Hofan (₱260) Shanghai flat noodles sauteed in an oyster and dark soy sauce blend topped with premium tender beef slices, white onions and leeks

Guess who couldn’t stop eating Beef Hofan? Yup, it’s Ykaie! She loved it and ate two servings before moving on to a different dish.

Beef with Ampalaya and Black Beans ( ₱300) is made with tender slices of beef and thinly sliced bitter melon sautéed with mushrooms, black beans and spices. It is drizzled with oyster sauce and dark soy sauce.

Red Bean Milk Tea ( ₱85)  I loved milk teas and this one did not disappoint. It’s real, pure brewed Chinese Tea blended with milk and topped with sweet red beans.

Aside from those limited time offered dishes,let’s not forget everyone’s old favorites and the bestsellers…

Super Bowl Lemon Chicken (₱270) Serving this crispy breaded fillet of chicken on a bed of their signature sauce is a brilliant way to keep it from being soggy.

All these meat and vegetables dishes should be paired with nothing less than Yang Chow Fried Rice ( ₱260 | + ₱50 for additional shrimp) made with fragrant rice sautéed in their signature fried rice sauce and mixed with shrimp, pork, egg, and assorted veggies.

Let’s not forget this must-order Dimsum Combination Platter (₱310), a combination of Pork Siomai, Hakaw, Deep Fried Wanton, vegetarian Spring Rolls, and Prok Asado Siopao, served with sweet and sour sauce on the side. This is perfect for those who can’t get enough of the dimsum.

Another one of Ykaie’s favorite is this Lechon Macau (₱350). It has a really crispy skin, juicy and tender meat that’s perfect to dip in hoisin sauce.

And this is my favorite: Sweet and Sour Pork (₱295)  truly succulent breaded pork cutlets in sweet, sour, and savory sauce.

It was our first time to order this Braised Tofu with Mushrooms (₱220) but peanutbutter and I loved it! The hard beancurd was sautéed with mixed vegetables and mushrooms in a savory and flavorful dark soy sauce and oyster sauce combination.

The perfect way to end our meal is this Make Your Own Taho (₱110). I love the wooden container the taho was served in.. so cute! This is good enough for four persons and Ykaie had a great time serving it to us.

If those photos didn’t work up your appetite, then I don’t know what will….

Super Bowl of China branches are conveniently located at the 4th level SM Megamall Atrium; Ground Floor, Main Hall, SM Mall of Asia, and at the 3rd level Chef’s Avenue Festival Mall, Alabang. Opening soon is a new branch at Robinsons Place Manila.

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  1. That Dimsum Combination platter is what I would order – I think. It all looks good. Shrimp fried rice is my husband’s favorite, so I’m sure he would get that. All of a sudden I’m really hungry.

  2. I’ve never been to China but this food looks amazing!! I had asian food for lunch today and I bet it wasn’t anything as good as this was!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to grab something to eat. The dishes look amazing! Would love to visit there one day!

  4. All of the food looks so delicious! Whenever I see restaurants from Asia or the Philippines, I get jealous. I wish we had restaurants more like them in the states.

  5. Oh my! Everything looks delicious. I absolutely love all of this so of course all of this is just screaming at me! Would love to grab a bite!

  6. This food looks so amazing. I would love to try the Dimsum Combination Platter. I love the new look.

  7. Oh my! You just made me drool. I love love love Chinese food and now I’m craving for fried rice. Yum! And I want to have that Lechon Macau right now too!

  8. Holy feast batman! That looks absolutely incredible! What a nice lunch, I loved the din sum platter, I would love to try each and every thing! Great photos!

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