Salt and Pepper Grilled Blue Corn

I met some Blue Corns at the grocery yesterday…

Wait a second, what?? Blue corns?!

Yup…that’s where these Blue Corn Chips I so love dipping in Hummus comes from.

I don’t believe they ever grow in the Republic of P.

I had my doubts {because it was the last pack and because it may have been colored} but I bought it anyway.

I figured we could use something blue {or indigo} for today.

But the thing is, there is only one dish that I know which uses blue corn as the main ingredient and that is Pozole.

When I woke up this morning, first thing I thought about was — there is no way I can make Pozole today because….

one, I have a thousand and one errands to run….

two, I have a little girl to send to school…

and three, I don’t have any ingredients in the fridge….

Hmmmn.. but there is no way these corns are gonna stay in their plastic bag!

So I took them out….

Introduced them to the yellow sweet corns…

washed them like babies, cut them into pieces, gave them a short steam bath, smothered them in butter, tossed them in some salt, pepper and paprika…..

And then grilled them in the oven.

It was a glorious lunch. These blue corns are chewy.. and they taste great!

Blue Corn or Hopi Maize is abundant in Mexico and Southwest America. It is popularly used in the making of Blue Corn Chips and Blue Pancakes. It has 30% more protein than the normal variety of corn and was believed to have healing properties.

I ‘m just in it for the color

Salt and Pepper Grilled Blue Corn


2 pcs Blue corns
2 pcs Sweet corns
2 tbsp butter


  • Wash corns to clean them.
  • Cut into 1½-inch thick pieces.
  • Put in a colander or steamer and steam 10 minutes.
  • Transfer to a baking pan and toss liberally in butter, salt, pepper and paprika.
  • Skewer and grill in a pre-heated oven for another 10 minutes.
  • Serve with extra butter and paprika

You can do this recipe with good old yellow corns alone. I just needed a way to eat these Blue Corns without going to the wet market for added ingredients.

I’ll figure out what to make with the rest tomorrow….

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14 Responses

  1. we love corn. my family! we go ga-ga over corn and they were never left untouched on our table 🙂

    i want blue corn tooooo <3

  2. Haven’t tried blue corn yet tsk ! The color looks really lovely , though it’s  more like a purple than a blue hahaha

  3. I haven’t seen and tried blue corns yet, but I’m really curious to get to eat one.. 😀 It’s more of a purple/indigo corn though.. ^^

  4. Nice! First time I’ve seen those. I’m drooling just imagining it slathered with salt and butter, grilled to perfection. Yummy! 🙂

  5. What beautiful photographs! I’ve eaten blue corn chips, but I have never eaten fresh blue corn. It looks wonderful, and I love the way you grilled it. 

  6. I was just gonna say that we call that Hopi here – but you beat me to it! You should see Indian Corn – it always amazes me!

  7. interesting color. haha. i don’t eat corn that much pero if i’m in the mood, steamed and bathed in butter is the way to go. 😀 

  8. Here in Chicago, the Mexicans call corn elotes and here is the way they do it.  Boil corn then put a bbq stick at the tailend, then spread mayonnaise on the corn then add shredded cheese they use quezo anejo or cotija et al,then from a bottle squeeze butter then add some powdered chili.   They also put the corn in a cup instead of just leaving it on the cob. They just add the mayonnaise, the cheese, the butter and powdered chili then just mix it  then eat.

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