Baguio’s Strawberry Taho

Baguio's Strawberry Taho |

Baguio |

You simply just don’t go to Baguio and not try the Strawberry taho {soy pudding} sold everywhere. I got to try mine at the Minesview Park.

It was P20 per cup.

I had two…

Baguio's Taho |

What I don’t like about the Strawberry Taho? They don’t skim the water from the soy pudding itself so it’s watery when they scoop it up in those plastic cups.

Baguio's Strawberry Taho |

What I like about the Strawberry taho? The health of soy, the sweet n’ tart flavor of strawberries both in syrup and and fruit.

Happy Sunday!

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8 Responses

  1. It is good ?! It looks really really delicious ! Love the different flavors in there ! And I love Ykaie photo , she looks as gorgeous as the taho she’s holding hahaha

  2. Ah separate pala yun… kala ko sa arnibal/syrup nakababad yung strawberry.

    P.S. Ganda ni Ykaie! Artistahin!

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