Great Snack Ideas For A Benidorm Beach Vacation

Booking a holiday has never been easier. There are now a number of great package deals on offer which cover almost every aspect of your vacation for you. Benidorm holidays 2014 are renowned for their spectacular beaches, alluring sunsets, hospitable people, great food and so much more! They are perfect for holidaymakers who want to achieve a one of a kind beach vacation that is unlike any other.

Now onto the trickier part; how to enjoy yourself on holiday whilst maintaining that gorgeous bikini body? It’s tempting to indulge in an ice-cream only diet when abroad but whilst your tastebuds may love you, your waistline will not. Let’s take a look at some healthier snack options to bring along with you on that Benidorm beach holiday.

1. Contrary to popular belief, popcorn is actually very healthy. It’s high in fiber, naturally low in fat, and packed with antioxidants so providing you don’t add any butter or salt, it can be classified as good for you! Butter will only create a mess on the beach anyway, and too much salt will make you thirstier in that hot Spanish sun.

2. There’s little more refreshing than fresh fruit and it just so happens to be healthy too! Wash fruit beforehand and keep it cold in the shade or even better, in a cool bag.

3. Homemade trail mixes are fantastic because you can tailor it exactly to your own taste. Get creative with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cereals, and crackers – whatever takes your fancy!

4. Breakfast bars are a practical beach snack because they come already packaged so they’re easy to transport. However, be careful to study the nutritional information on the back of the boxes before you purchase to avoid any which may be high in sugar and fat.

5. Sandwiches are usually the perfect snack but at the beach, the bread often gets soggy before you’ve had the chance to enjoy it. However, by replacing regular loaf bread with wraps, you can enjoy a similar tasting, non-soggy snack which is healthier too!

Take these simple snacks along to Benidorm beach and you’ll find yourself completely fulfilled between meals. With no grumbling stomach to attend to, you can then concentrate on doing what’s really important on holiday; relaxing!

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11 Responses

  1. Nice list. I love trail mixes and fruiits. I don’t think I will enjoy popcorn if there’s no butter or cheese.

  2. I’m a popcorn monster and I can’t imagine not having it in cheese! waaah. Thanks for the rest of the tips, looking forward to checking out recipes from you on those fruit and nuts cause I’m not that creative with mixing and matching food ingredients. 🙂

  3. Popcorns are my favorite!!! Plain, buttered, salted, white cheese…any flavors!!! i’m looking forward to more of your recipes as i like cooking or mixing too! 😉

  4. Thanks for the tips! Packing for beach trips IS tricky. It’s much like packing trail food for mountain climbing

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