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Yesterday, sis was feeling generous and treated us for lunch. We wanted to eat in a restaurant where we haven’t eaten before, hence, Recipes. I don’t know much about this restaurant except that it was owned by Café Metro and that they serve Filipino and other Asian dishes.

It’s perfect because kids would only eat dishes that they are familiar with…

General’s Chicken {P215/$5.11}

The General’s Chicken above is very much like the popular General Tso’s Chicken except that it has eggplants, a wonderful twist.

Chicharon-Eggplant Salad {P90/$2.14}

Sis ordered eggplant salad which was a little bland, good thing the kids enjoyed the chicharon on top.

Gising-Gising {P170/$4.05}

This is one of my favorite vegetable dishes and I find Recipes’ version lacking with something. I suspect it was shrimp paste.

Crispy Tadyang {P248/$5.90}

This is one of the dishes that I would order again, should I go back to Recipes. The meat was crispy and soft and it was tasty too. The dipping vinegar was seasoned just right, as well.

Pork Inihaw w/ Rice & Sidings {P170/$4.05}

Ykaie ordered pork inihaw. This meal came with rice and iced tea.

We ordered three more extra rice and refillable drinks. I ate a lot!

If I continue eating rice everyday, I wouldn’t lose the weight that I would like to lose. So right after I got home I browsed over some exercise videos and contemplated on new fitness routines. I came across an adipotrol review and asked myself if it’s going to be effective for me.

Recipes by Café Metro
3rd Floor Trinoma Mall
Quezon City

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  1. Parang interesting yung eggplant with chicharon!

    P.S. Natawa ako sa pose ni Cyvrine (?) sa last pic!

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