Sugarleaf ~ delicious.nutritious.healthy…..Um, did I already say delicious?

Can I be honest?….

You know, the moment I stepped into Sugarleaf, I thought to myself Oh Lord, please do not let me be tempted……

And that’s not because of what they offer in the menu. The irony is that the whole menu is composed of nothing but guilt-free indulgences. I said guilt-free because everything is healthy and I said indulgences because those healthy stuff are so good for you, they’re delicious…. I swear.

The temptation I was talking about are those organic fresh produce like passion fruit and vanilla beans and all other goodies like Kefir and low fat yogurt drinks which I know I could use to create yummy dishes in my kitchen. Those are too hard to resist and so before I could even leave the “grocery” section to step up the restaurant, I already made a mental note to buy Raw Cocoa Nibs for an upcoming project.
The Smoked Fish Wrap {P238} and the Chicken Wrap {P238} were enticing. Very tasty filling inside a soft whole wheat wrap together with lettuce and cucumber and then served chilled with authentic kefir dressing.

It’s actually my first encounter with Kefir and as a yogurt lover, I could say I’ve found another thing to lve.

This is my favorite among those that were served. It’s freshly made fettucini infused with sugar beets to get that pinkish color, served with organic pesto and topped with mango. The  contrasting flavor of the topping  and the sauce is what made it perfect. {P148}

Their Garden Greens Salad {P238} composed of organic greens, cucumber and  certain root crops such as sugar beets, carrots and radish is usually served with a choice of dressing but I got to taste Blueberry, Passion Fruit and Lemon Balm.

Lemon balm is my favorite among the three, with just the right consistency and the level of sourness that I prefer.

With the Iberico Joselito Belota Chorizo Sandwich {P228}, I wondered how can something so low in cholesterol be so tasty? The pork sausage was mildly spiced with paprika for a little kick too.

I love the fact that I can eat California Maki without the rice. try it. take a bite of this Crabsticks and Mango Wrap {P188}….

Turkey Waldorf {P208} A classic salad in a sandwich: gluten-­‐free turkey with Bifidus (probiotics), red apple, celery, toasted cashew dressed with kefir-, nutmeg, home-made mayo & served in a raisin cinnamon bagel.

The sweet bagel + the savory turkey waldorf. There it is again. It makes perfect sense.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Dill {P268} on lettuce served in Ciabatta. Salmon is low in fat and is a great source of protein. I’ve also read somewhere that it can be a testosterone booster. {Do you hear that guys?}

I also got to try three of their drinks. Choco-Banana Soya-Chia Smoothie {P150}, Mixed Berry Kefir-Chia {P150}..  and one of their elixirs: pineapple, malunggay, lemongrass.  My favorite was the Mixed berry but The Pineapple-M alunggay-Lemongrass Juice is not bad, it just needs ice.

Dessert was Jello’s Coco-Kefir Ice Cream {P160} It’s vegan, being made with coconut milk. I’ve tried Vanilla and Cherry Pistachio. I so wanna try the peanutbutter and jelly ice cream!

I never thought I’d enjoy healthy food as much I enjoyed everything in this spread.

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4 Responses

  1. Every time I step into a deli, or specialty store that either has hard-to-find ingredients or amazing utensils, I really need to stop myself from hoarding everything – so I know the feeling! haha The beet fettucini looks interesting, at first I thought it was deli meat sliced into strips. Then I realized every picture you posted was supposed to be all-natural and good for you. haha! 😀 

  2. I’m not used to not getting my daily carb and fat, but I enjoyed the food at Sugarleaf too. Can’t get enough of the Vegan Cherry Pistachio ice cream.. 😀 Anyway, it was so nice meeting you ate Peach! 🙂

  3. So many things look good. I want that Crabsticks and Mango Wrap, Turkey Waldorf, Norwegian Salmon and Dill, and that Cherry Pistachio ice cream. 🙂

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