Barrio Fiesta Groupon Deal

I bought this voucher for  a “Good for 4, Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata” meal in Barrio Fiesta last April and I was thinking back then that we could use this for one of those days when peanutbutter‘s. I guess we had too much places to go to that we just wasn’t able to claim it.

It was going to expire on the 17th so last sunday, Sis, Rome, Ykaie, CYra, Cyvrine and I decided to claim it for dinner at their branch in Sm North EDSA…..

The kids were supposed to have their ID picture taken but luck would have it, Fuji’s camera was under repair….

The meal includes one Crispy Pata, the regular price of which is ₱580. Honestly, the Crispy Pata was fairly small for its price and it was a little bit dry inside. I have to commend the staff for fast service,though. But it got me into thinking…how can they serve it in such a short period of time? hmmmmnnn…..

The Kare-Kare is okay. My only concern was it was served with just a teeny-weeny saucer of bagoong. We had to ask the waiter for another serving.

Because I didn’t have my fix of Ginataang Kuhol when we went to Isdaan a few weeks ago. We decided to add it to our orders…

The kids had a great time because they love love love that crisy skin of that pork knuckle….

I’m thinking, I should’ve just bought two Crispy Pata from Judy Ann’s or a gold coin from

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  1. Ay Judy Ann solid ako hahaha. Seriously, ang sarap nung “sauce” (or marinade ba yun) na manamis-namis at maasim-asim. Yan ang una kong pinapabili pag umuuwi ng Pinas.

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