I’m Lovin’ TIPCO 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Okay. I have a confession to make. It was the first time that I’ve heard of Tipco 100% Juice  last July 17,2012 when they invited me to the launching of their new promo. It was also the first time that I’ve tasted that many a number of different flavors of juices in two hours.

And you know what, in those two short hours, I fell in love with this product. They are not only delicious, they’re also very healthy as they are made without any preservatives, they contain no artificial food colorings, no artificial flavorings and no added sugar.

Of all the flavors that I’ve tried, Cranberry and Broccoli are my favorite!

True to being the nutritional partner and health drink of choice for the family, Tipco also launched the new Tipco Superkid 100% Juice, a delicious and refreshing new health boost for children of modern Filipino moms. Specially formulated to help develop and nourish children, the Tipco Superkid comes in a variety of natural flavors— Mixed Veggie & Mixed Fruit, Apple, Shogun Orange, and Red Grape—each containing nutrients that deliver unique health benefits and a power-packed boost to kids’ daily nutritional regime.

Tipco Superkid 100% Juice contains nutrients like calcium for promoting healthy bones and DHA (an Omega-3 acid) for supporting healthy brain development. It also has Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, which respectively aid children’s visual development, metabolism, energy production, and immune system. At 110ml size, it’s perfect for baon so that kids can still get the nutritional boost they need while at school or play.

Tipco 100% Juice is exclusively distributed by TransaXion Unlimited Corp headed by  Chairman and CEO, Kerwin Wong {right} together with Marvin Hung, Director and CFO and Mona Lisa Chua, Director and VP for Sales.

Tipco 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice is a great way to get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables.

Tipco 100% is the number one juice brand in Thailand and because they arebuilding their way to be the number one brand here in the Philippines, they launched a promo that will take it’s lucky grand prize winner to the city that Tipco calls home: Bangkok.

With a view of encouraging Filipino fans to take the leap to healthy living, as well as to experience the joys of travel, Tipco’s latest promo also includes the chance to win two roundtrip tickets to popular destinations in the Philippines, complete with 3D/2N hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers, and fun tours.

The “Tipco Tripaway” promo runs from July 1 to September 30, 2012.

Every single-receipt purchase of three 1-liter packs of Tipco 100% Juice from any supermarket or grocery nationwide entitles customers to one raffle entry. To submit the entry, customers can visit www.facebook.com/tipcojuicephils and enter the requested information.

Deadlines for the submission of entries fall on August 5 for the First Monthly Draw (Cagayan de Oro) on August 10; September 5 for the Second Monthly Draw (Puerto Princesa) on September 10; October 5 for both the Third Monthly Draw (Boracay) and Grand Prize Draw (Bangkok) on October 10.

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6 Responses

  1. We used to buy a Tipco flavor that was a mix of a whole lotta different fruits and veggies. Can’t exactly remember the flavor since they stopped producing it a long time ago. What I do remember is that It tasted just like chocolate but really isn’t. If you read the label, you’d actually be surprised at what’s in it plus medyo mawawalan ka ng gana which is why I stopped reading the label. Hehehhe! =)
    Tin | The Average Jane

  2. Peach, great shots as usual. My favorite is your first photo: Tipco juice side by side with real veggies and fruits. Creative! 🙂

  3. Where can my sister buy Tipco fruit & vegetable juice in America? We have it in South Africa but she cant find any supplier in USA.She lives in Sellersville, Pennsylvania ( +- 3 hrs from New York and 1hr from Philadelphia)
    Thank you

  4. hello ,
    please i want to know what are the vegetables and fruits that are included in tipco superkid? thank you and keep up the good work!

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