No Worries with Pambatang Solmux, The Best Moms’ Best Tandem

No Worries with Pambatang Solmux,  The Best Moms' Best Tandem

We mommies would always like to think of ourselves as the best moms for our children. We love them with our whole hearts. We want only the best for them and we want them to grow up to be smart, talented, kind-hearted, and healthy individuals. We even want them to be better than what we are so we do everything we can for them.

I made Ykaie take swimming lessons every Summer of each year since she was four. I wanted her to learn how to swim because it’s a skill that can save her life plus I didn’t know how to swim and that made me scared of the water. At first , she was very scared. But with enough coaxing and encouragement, she conquered her fear and was able to go about her everyday swimming lessons. I make sure she gets enough rest and feed her with healthy food so she’ll have energy every morning when she goes inside that swimming pool. My heart brimmed with pride every time she learns a new way to swim. I am her cheerleader and nutritionist.

Now, I still can’t believe she can do laps! We really are the best tandem when it comes to reaching a goal.

I think Ykaie knows how much she can count on me with everything that she needs and I won’t fail her. There’s really that strong sense of security when you know you can count on somebody you can trust.

No Worries with Pambatang Solmux,  The Best Moms' Best Tandem

That’s how I feel about Pambatang Solmux 200mg, I feel a sense of security that I have a partner I can trust when it comes to  curing my Ykaie’s cough with phlegm.

Pambatang Solmux is the only one with both bacterial and viral expel action which helps kill and expel viruses and bacteria that cause cough with phlegm. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Only Pambatang Solmux contains 200mg of medicine per 5ml vs. other carbocisteine medicines which only contain 100mg of medicine per 5ml. This means your child also has to take in less medicine. Plus it is made using TasteRiteTM technology which is a unique tastemasking system developed specifically for liquid dosage forms to improve the taste of the medicine.

So bring it on 2015, I got nothing to worry about because I got the best tandem by my side — my daugher Ykaie.That also goes with curing cough with phlegm, I also got nothing to worry about because I also got the best tandem: Pambatang Solmux 200mg.

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41 Responses

  1. I trust Solmux. I’ve been a loyal Solmux user since it came out. Solmux broncho is the only one that’s effective with my kids everytime they have dry cough or allergies. For me, too, actually.

  2. I’ve never heard of this cough medicine before, but if it works as well as you say it must be great. Such a sweet story and memory for you with your daughter and her swimming lessons!

  3. My boys are both self taught. They get lessons in school starting in 3rd grade, but have both been swimming since they were toddlers on their own.

  4. My kiddos all did swimming lessons and hopefully will be doing them again. I haven’t heard of this cough medicine before, I wonder if it’s even in Canada? It sounds great though!

  5. It’s always great to know you can trust a product to help when your little one is feeling under the weather. It sounds like it really works great!

  6. I’ve never heard of this before. Sounds like a great product to trust. I have a lot of kiddos and it sounds like this would help out a lot when they get sick.

  7. I am lovin’ the mother-daughter matching Hello Kitty outfits! That’s very cool about taking swimming lessons. I have always had a fear of the water, and didn’t learn until college. My school had a requirement that you had to pass the swim test or taking swim lessons in order to graduate. I took the lessons, and can swim enough. I’m better underwater swimming though.

  8. That’s the medicine that our pediatrician always prescribed when we were still there in the Phils. I haven’t seen that here.

  9. I have never heard of this!! I’m going to have to look into it for my princess :):) learn something new everyday 😉

  10. yes as moms we want to be there for our children, guide them, sop port them, love them. I too signed up my son for swimming lessons because I was scared to learn. I had never heard of this medicine before but I’m always searching for ones that aren’t harmful and can help with my kids cough and congestion

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