Binatog with Butter and Milk from Boy Binatog

Street Foods have been invading the mall.

It started with the tokneneng, Scramble {or iskramble}, Mangga ang Bagoong..and my latest find this week: Binatog. I was a bit hungry and I was looking for something to nibble on while walking with Ykaie, Sis and Cyra. We’re going to the grocery to buy the ingredients for our Halloween party when I stumbled into the small stall of Boy Binatog.

Binatog is usually sold on the streets by by a vendor pushing a cart with two pails and clanking a metal which serves as a bell. It is boiled white corn kernels sprinkled with grated coconut and salt.

With my sweet tooth, I prefer mine sprinkled with sugar.

With Boy Binatog you can buy one for ₱30-45 per cup depending on the size and the flavor. I tried the bestseller which is Binatog with Butter and Milk {₱35}, hot binatog kernels graced with a dollop of sweetened butter and thick, rich milk, which I’m assuming is a mixture of condensed milk and cream. Then it was sprinkled with fresh  and dried grated coconut and a bit of powdered sugar.

Just a spoonful and  I easily understood why it became the bestseller…everything just rolls into a big milky, buttery, coconut-y bomb of a flavor inside your mouth.

Sis tried the Butter and Cheese flavor. It’s good but salty binatog is really not for me.

I will try the Ube flavor next time…

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7 Responses

  1. I will have to try this sometime. Too bad I always miss the binatog person roaming around in a bike every afternoon. 

  2. It’s a bit pricey for binatog but I believe this is cleaner and more convenient. Wala nang dumadaan na binatog sa amin, sa province na lang.

  3. I haven’t tried binatog yet. They don’t sell that in my place. The common snacks that are sold by vendors are biko, palitaw and balut;)

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