Filipino-Style Spaghetti {Sweet Spaghetti}

A celebration isn’t a celebration until there’s a big plate of sweet spaghetti in the middle of the table.

A picnic isn’t a picnic until you bring out that tupperware of spaghetti lurking inside that bayong full of baon.

And it’s a must on every children’s party, alongside those hotdog-marshmallows skewers, fried chicken and ice cream.

I’m taking a break from my Halloween recipes to give you this month’s Kulinarya Cooking Club Challenge: the sweet and delicious Filipino-Style Spaghetti.

Filipino-Style Spaghetti is made of mostly red ingredients like tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce, banana ketchup, red hotdogs and ground pork or beef. Maybe that’s what makes it so appetizing, the color of its ingredients all plastered in the divine whiteness of the noodles.

I prefer my spaghetti noodles submerged into the sauce, almost like soup. It may sound icky to you..but to me it’s heaven.

Even if we eat out and order at say, Jollibee, when I couldn’t cook and a Pinoy-spaghetti fix is needed, I blatantly but politely ask for extra sauce.

A little trivia: my daughter doesn’t eat this type of spaghetti sauce. She eats pesto, white sauce and oil based sauces. I make her eat a spoonful whenever we have it for her to learn to appreciate this over time.

Notice the heart-shaped strawberry marshmallow, peanutbutter?

Today, in line with this KCC challenge, I made this Spaghetti complete with the hotdog-marshmallow skewer because I am celebrating something. peanubutter told me last night that he passed the supervisor exam at work. I knew he could do it but he needed a push ’cause he was a bit reluctant to apply. I gave him a shove *wink*.

There’s still an interview coming up and I’ll be praying for it fervently but right now let’s keep our mind on this small celebration.


Filipino-Style Spaghetti {Sweet Spaghetti}


  • 300g Spaghetti Noodles
  • 200g ground beef
  • 5 pcs hotdogs, sliced
  • 1 pack Spaghetti Sauce/Tomato Sauce
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 tbsp canola oil
  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ banana ketchup
  • 1tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • grated cheese


  1. Cook spaghetti according to package directions. Set aside.
  2. Fry sliced hotdogs for a round 2 minutes, the set aside.
  3. Heat oil in a small sauce pan. Sauté onions until it becomes translucent.
  4. Add ground beef and sauté with oinion until brownish.
  5. Pour in water and let beef simmer for a minute.
  6. Pour in Spaghetti sauce/Tomato sauce and banana ketchup.
  7. Mix well. Add hot dog, sugar and salt.
  8. Simmer for a few minutes before turning off heat.
  9. Put spaghetti noodles on a plate. Pour sauce on top of spaghetti then put grated cheese on top.
  10. Serve with hotdog-marshmallow skewers.

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This is my entry for October Challenge.

Thank you Gio of The Hungry Giant and Kyle and Bea of Rated K & B, for hosting KCC’s October theme.

Kulinarya Cooking Club is a group of Filipino foodies around the world, united by their passion about the Filipino culture and its colourful cuisine.

Each month we will showcase a new dish along with their family recipes. By sharing these recipes, we hope you find the same passion and love for Filipino Food as we do.

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27 Responses

  1. I’m getting distracted by the heart-shaped marshmallows–sooo cute! Your spaghetti looks yummy!

  2. I love Jolibee spaghetti, too. They got Pinoy spaghetti to a T. Your spaghetti is mouthwatering, Peach! Love and miss those tender juicy hot dogs.

  3. Your Filipino spaghetti looks so appetizing, Peach…esp. with those red tender juicy hotdogs! 

  4. Oh how delicious! Your Filipino style spaghetti has the hotdogs I love! What cute and appetizing photos — your spaghetti looks so inviting ! Thanks for the recipe and the blog-visit!

  5. the one thing I don’t like dropping by your blog Peachy is that it makes me feel that I’m adding calories to my daily diet just by looking at your posts. Haha! 🙂

  6. Ohhhhh i love to cook spaghetti. But i dont add hotdogs in it;) looking at your photos makes me wanna cook a plateful of spaghetti!!!

  7. Wow!!so yummy…maganahan talagang kumain ang mga kids itsura palang !!bonggatious na talaga!!how much the taste…It’ looks so yummy…HMmm

  8. Actually,one of my favorite food to eat since I’m a child is spaghetti…I really love to it spaghetti specially if it is cooked by my mom..

  9. Yay! Tha’ts yummy spaghetti and hot dog there! Congrats for your peanutbutter for passing the supervisor exam at work! And yes, congrats in advance (I know your peanutbutter can do it) for the promotion! Now, that’s a great celebration then. Woohoo! By the way, I always cook my spaghetti with a lot of sauce or mix it together with spaghetti. Mine is different, I know. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Filipino Spaghetti Style is the most favorite of kids because of the sweet taste of it.With hotdogs and marshmallow on the side,that would be perfect.

  11. Sweet Filipino style spag, i love it but I can’t make it here. my kids and hubby are more into Italian spag.

  12. Nice adding hotdog into the spaghetti sauce…I will definitely give this a try next time making spaghetti.
    Thanks for the recipe and hope you are having a great week 🙂

  13. My father-in-law love my Fil. style spaghetti because of hotdog and  a hint of sweetness. 

  14. Oh no food that makes me hungry and it will make me go ahead make food…I like Filipino style spaghetti…

  15. Your Filipino Spaghetti looks delicious!   Have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  16. I don’t like Filipino Style Spaghetti but with a 3 year old and a husband who eats like a 3 year old I’m sure they will love this. 

    LOL Una just saw this and she said “Wow I like to eat that mommy, with dami-dami cheese and hotdog.”

  17. I *just* learned about Filipino style Spaghetti not a long ago.  I love your presentation – my daughter would love that. 🙂 

  18. Wow! I’m surprised that your little girl prefers pesto, white sauce and other oil-based pastas than the Filipino-style spaghetti! 😀 Most of my little cousins love the sweet spaghetti while me and my lil sis don’t dig it. We prefer the tangy version more and without ketchup! ^^

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