Johnsons Baby Complete Care Diaper System to keep your baby diaper-rash-free, all day, every day.

Ykaie is growing up fast and she’s growing up a bright, healthy and a smart kid. I’m so proud of her and my heart jumps when my husband who works overseas, a relative or a friend tells me that I’m doing such a good job in taking care of her.

As a mom,  I would do anything to protect Ykaie from anything that could hurt her and if I could do it until she’s all grown up, I would.

When she was still a baby, I remember a few sleepless nights with her. Some because she was sick with fever and I had to be her nurse and doctor. But there was one sleepless night because of a diaper rash that was left untreated for a day. I was a new mom at the time so I didn’t notice the rash until it was too late. Ykaie was uncomfortable, she couldn’t sleep and she cried all the time no matter how much cooing and cuddling and hele I did. I was heartbroken.

So I did my research and asked a well-experienced person about it –my mom. She told me to put a diaper rash cream for the rash to heal and advised me that I shouldn’t let it get to that point.

She also told me that diaper rash could be avoided by knowing what causes it in the first place and not letting it happen.

Diaper rash are caused by the following things:

  • Moisture in Diapers – no matter how absorbent your diaper of choice is, there’s a tendency for it to leave some moisture on your baby’s skin, making it harder to act as barrier against infection.
  • Friction – the constant contact of a soiled/ unsoiled diaper with your baby’s skin can also be a cause of irritation.
  • Trapped Wetness in Diapers – forgetting to change the diaper longer than 3-4 hours may cause irritation on your baby’s skin.
  • Illness that cause to change your baby to change her diet and make her wetter than normal can cause diaper rash.

Moms today are so lucky because JOHNSON’S® came up with a new and easy way to help protect our babies against diaper rash ~ The Johnson’s® Baby Complete Care Diaper System™. Steps 1,2,3 is very easy to remember, it’s gonna be a cinch to do this every time you change your baby’s nappy.

Step 1: Use Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes. Not all wipes are the same. Only Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes protects your baby’s bottom, because it doesn’t just clean. It helps prevent rash like a diaper cream. [Also available in fragrance-free variant]

Step 2: Apply the NEW Johnson’s Baby Complete Care Powder as it repels wetness by keeping pee and poop from touching baby’s bottom. It also soothes rashes and helps reduce friction, giving baby complete protection from diaper rash.

Step 3: Change diaper every 3-4 hours.

The Johnson’s® Baby Complete Care Diaper System™ will ensure that your baby is diaper-rash-free, all day, every day.

Only JOHNSON’S® understands the mother-baby bond with its superior understanding of developing skin, eyes and hair – over 100 years heritage of providing the purest, mildest, gentlest products that are best for baby.

Until now, I still use Johnson’s Baby Powder for Ykaie to keep her cool and refreshed. I don’t use it on her bum, though. Only on her body and back….

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18 Responses

  1. Johnson’s has been mothers best friends ever since. They make products especially for baby’s comfort and  best care.

  2. When my kids were little i use the Huggies wipes or the store brand wipes. but when it comes to powder and oils, i use the Johnsons brand because i love the smell

  3. i’m an avid J&J fan too. their products are not just meant for my kids but for me as well. 🙂

  4. Yeah it really hard to see our kids suffer due to diaper rash. I still remember when my kids had them and there’s nothing I could do. Sometimes they don’t even let us put creams  because they thought it would hurt them.

  5. The Johnson’s® Baby Complete Care Diaper System™  is a must learn for every expectant moms 🙂 ang hassle kaya pag may diaper rash si baby 🙂

  6. I could’ve sworn I left a comment here already. 😛

    Anyway, it’s too bad this wasn’t available back when I was a new mommy, sure could have helped me. 😛

  7. My parents used Johnson and Johnson products while we’re growing up. Good thing that they have all these new products for baby care now. It helps Mommies a lot in taking care of the little ones. 

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