Lunch at ‘Cue, Modern Barbecue with Two Witches and a Pumpkin

A heart-stopping sight, don’t you agree?

Mine did.

Just like Halloween, bone-marrow holds a special place in my heart as it brings back memories of my chubby childhood. It is one of those beef parts which I deemed necessary to be included in the Sinigang and Nilaga at home. It wasn’t a problem, all I had to do was man our meat stall in the morning and the beef shank is mine…..ALL MINE!!! {evil laugh}

As I grew up older, though, and because I began having crushes {blush, blush}… I slowly but painfully gave up my love affair with the soft, fatty, ambrosial delicacy.

Right on ‘Cue, I was reunited with this old flame. {I hope my peanutbutter doesn’t get too jealous…}

Perhaps to lighten my guilt, I needed some greens to accompany the meal so I order half a serving of Cue Caesar Salad {₱205}.

It was Halloween. We just came from the school Halloween Party and is getting ready for our yearly Trick or Treating at the mall.I wish I’d worn an equestrian costume to match the two witches and the pumpkin I was with. My sister who calls herself Anney was already hungry. I wanted to eat at ‘Cue.

So we did. Parking was an ordeal.

‘Cue’s interiors was very sleek and modern. However, it subtly reminded me of an old english club. I think it was because of the black and red that dominated the over all look of the restaurant plus all those Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels and Jim Beams all lined up in the kitchen’s upper shelves.

The closest thing to good ol’ fried chicken in the menu was this Sweet Buttermilk Wings {₱355}. Just like what it’s name says, these wings are sweet, crispy and has a mellow flavor. They’re not for me, though, too sweet for my liking. But for the two witches and the pumpkin..Oh! these were devoured heartily and eaten with rice.

Sis ordered Pomelo Shake {₱155} and I had Green Mango with Basil {₱155}. Basil definitely made this already refreshing drink more enticing and new. It was like drinking an entirely new beverage for the first time.

Bone Marrow and Steak Tacos {₱485}, made with this once irresistible beef part that made my heart skip a beat. I pick up one of the flour torillas and shamelessly scoop the marrow from the bone, fat drizzles and all. I put one piece of steak, a few corn kernels and carrots and drops of sweet n’ spicy salsa verde{?}.

All it took was one deep breath and one big bite to say….You. Are. Mine. Fat melting on the tongue. Beef meat commingling with the salsa verde. The carrots. The corn kernels….a Happy Halloween Lunch, indeed.

I found my little witch staring at me, a cue for me to try and make her taste the bone marrow. After a teaspoonful, the little girl shrugged her shoulders and said ” wala namang lasa, mommy…” {“it doesn’t taste much, mommy“}…

So we moved on to her line of preference…Bacon Slabs’ Cue Style{₱455}. These pork belly jewels are slow-baked and char-grilled, fat on the side, glistening like precious stones.

Used to eating salted, deep fried pork belly and pork neck at home, they wasted no time in trimming off the fat in these bacon slices. I mostly had the sweet potato fries and dipped them in the garlic aioli and salsa verde.

For my lunch to be called a success, there has to be a balance of fat and sugar. Sugar for the kids was two scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream {₱90}….

For sis and I, a generous slice of Caramel Pecan Cheesecake {₱235}. Sweet caramel that is warm on the tongue, crunchy pecans in swirls of tart and dense cheesecake in a buttery graham crust…aaaahh.. a taste of fall.

This is a reminder of my sweet, sweet life…

……Of Fall coming to The Peach Kitchen….

‘Cue Modern Barbecue
Bonifacio High Street Central
G/F Bonifacio High Street Central,
7th Ave cor 29th St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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3 Responses

  1. Everything looks so very yummy! I love the bone marrow too and don’t have it often, kaya feeling ko ang sarap, my kids are weird because they don’t like it. 😛 Well, more for me! 😀 hehehe

  2. heart stopping indeed!

    next Halloween, I’m expecting you to wear an equestrian costume! haha

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